Hot Dandy – Ultimate Control Spudow (In-Depth Guide)

Update 16/5: 

I have added 3x health nut and removed 2x Guacodile and 1x DLK. Health nut boosted our T3 play and smoothed out our curve. It is a nice early aggressor and good defender. it also synergized well with Pineclone and Doomshroom. 


When you think of Spudow you will straight away think of Kaboom dominated Aggro mushroom pineclone or berry loop decks. Not anymore! With the newly craft-able Hot Date, Spudow can play control as well and he is pretty good at it! They are many cool synergies between offensive Kaboom and defensive Guardian, and it is fun to play with something different.

This is a relatively balanced deck with 22 Kaboom and 18 Guardian cards, with Kaboom being the main damage dealer and Guardian as the supporting class for control. I have tested this deck in ultimate ranked play for 80 games and have made a few changes along the way. The overall stats is 66 win -14 loss which is approximate 82-83% win rate. Quite a few games were lost due to my (alcohol induced) misplay and I think this deck can do better. Hope you will enjoy this guide J


General Strategy:

This is a control deck so hold on to your cards and get ready for responsive play! Spudow does not have healing and card draw, so it is all about generate card advantage by playing smart. Do not play any plants (with exception of Pear cub in some circumstances) unless you need to remove a threat or block incoming damages. Try not to leave any small boides on board unless you can pineclone it this turn or next, and avoid filling up your opponent’s block meter with small hits and give them access to superpowers. Make your damages count! Stall early game with a range of control/removal cards and punish your opponent in mid/late game with Dandy Lion King or Pine Clone. Use GOW as an unforgiving finisher. 


Card Selection:

Potato mine x2: a great early defender, protect your strong plant in mid/late game, or team-up and Pine Clone!

Shroom for two x4: Do not play on Turn 1 unless you need to block a Mini Ninja or Tennis champ and maybe an Unlife of the party! Save them for Pine Clone as a pair of teamed-up 3/3 is a formidable force. Try to play it the same turn with Pine Clone for best effect, and watch out for that block meter! 

Berry Blast x4: Standard 4x auto-include for any Kaboom decks. Great for removal and it is often used to finish off your opponent or proc their block meter for lethal so save it if you can.

Gravebuster x3: Gravestone decks are the strongest zombie decks at the moment so Gravebuster will come in handy in these match-ups. Use it to get rid of key gravestones (for example Pogo Bouncer) and disrupt their tempo, or clear a blocking grave for your GOW or teamed-up Pine Clones.

Hot Date x4: There are so many uses and it is never a dead draw. In early games use it as Berry blast on Toxic Waste Imp/Gargologist/Arm wrestler, or to block gravestones. In mid-late game use it to clear the path for GOW or turn it to a pineclone! A great control card and one of the best in the game.

Pear Cub x4: This is great for stalling and generate card advantage, and a good gravestone blocker. 90% of the time it will take 2 or more cards to neutralize this which is great value! It can also be used to discourage Barrel of Deadbeard/Firework zombie, and play it in water lane if you anticipate a Zombie high diver. However do it with caution as you don’t want a 1/1 to be filling up your opponent’s block meter. You can pineclone it later for value.

Pine Clone x3: This can be a very versatile card and serves a few purposes in the deck. Of course it it is best to play it when you have 4+ minions on board but dont be greedy! In early game even 2 or 3 pineclones can save your vs Aggro and stall the game until you can bring out the big guns. In mid-late game it recycles all your weak early defenders into resilient 3/3’s. It is also great to trick-proof your Grizzly pear and DLK from Rocket Science and your own Doom Shroom. Remember to term up when you can and watch out for your opponent’s block meter. 

Sour Grape x2: a stealth killer. Use it to 1 for 2 or even 1 for 4 when playing against sneaky/crazy, and it is also very handy to pick off that 1 health zombie who survived a potato mine/hot date. It combos very well with a Turn 3 Pear cub against a 2/2 zombie (eg electrican/steath imp/toxic waste zombie etc) which clears the blocker for the 5/4 Grizzly pear.

Guacodile x2: use it primarily as removal. It will trade with pretty much every zombie including Defensive End, or even Octo-zombie. It can also be used to deal some solid damage in water lane. 

Bluesberry x2: a 3/3 body is resilient to removal tricks, and 2 damages is very useful to removal a zombie or to proc your opponent’s block meter before a DLK or GOW hit!

Doom Shroom x3: The best removal trick for this deck and do not replace it with Sham Rocket! It can often wipe the whole board vs pet/sport/garg decks, or save you from a hairy Plankwalker RNG. Your plants will rarely be affected since you often have the chance to pineclone them first. The Doom Shroom and GOW combo is very cool and is exclusive to Spudow – save it for definite lethal 🙂

Dandy Lion King x4: this is the “Trickster” for plant and the core of this deck 🙂 often it is a guaranteed 7-10 damage upon playing, and could deal up to 14 (10+4) damage in 1 turn , just watch out for the block meter! It is perfect in setting up the game for an upcoming Pine Clone or GOW finish.  With 4 copies you have a 40% chances of getting 1 in your starting hard, even if you mulligan them all away there is still a 58% stacked probability to draw 1 during Turn 2-6. Play it as soon as it is safe to do so. Dont be afraid to pineclone it next turn and protect it from rocket sciences. 

Grape of Wrath x3: A solid finisher, and can also trade with a strong zombie such as Defensive End/Trickster and deal 6 face damages. Combos with Doom Shroom for 6 face damages.


Mulligan Strategy: 

Generally you would mulligan all 5+ sun cards. Ideally you want at least 3x 1-3 sun cards, keeping 1x 4 sun card or a DLK is fine. Keep Guacodile vs Beastly/Hearty, Pine Clone vs Hearty/Brainy, and Sour Grape vs Crazy/Sneaky, and DLK vs Brainy/Sneaky.


Final Thought:


It is not an easy deck to play as it often requires you to predict your opponent’s next play and calculate your chances, whether you should use DLK/GOW or play removal, defence or lane clogging with pineclone. Protect your block meter and be mindful to your opponent’s block meter. you may also choose to take heavy hits in order to land your knock out punch, and some games can be very close. That is what makes this deck fun in my book.


Any suggestions/comments/questions are always welcomed. 

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9 thoughts on “Hot Dandy – Ultimate Control Spudow (In-Depth Guide)

  1. SkiinyJ
    April 24, 2017 at 10:57 am

    Not sure about how the only 3 drop is pear cub, but hot date i guess can sort of count there… the curve seems a bit sketchy and the 4 dandy aren’t needed. you need at max 3, and 3 or 4 GOW

    • Nautilus
      April 24, 2017 at 12:44 pm

      Thanks for your comment!

      What do you think is a good 3 drop for this deck? with control deck early game mana curve is not as important compare to Tempo or Aggro. I aim to maximise the use of cards that generates card advantage and pear cub is a suitable turn 3 drop. Another option is hibernating beary but that is weak to weedspray and deadly. I found using only 4x pear cubs is fine and since i have an abundance of berry blast/hot date/gravebuster to counter Zombie’s Turn 3 play. Bear in mind that i dont really want to damage the zombie hero before DLK to ensure a clean hit.

      This deck relies on DLK to eat up a big chunk of my opponent’s health. even with 4 DLK there is only a 58% stacked probability of drawing 1 DLK by Turn 6 (assume you have no DLK after mulligan). 4 GOW is playable but pineclone could be used as an alternative win condition so i found 3 GOW to be enough.

  2. ZombotProSkillitronic
    April 21, 2017 at 1:51 pm

    Naut, I don’t think the deck has the right numbers of cards and needs to be balanced out, there are very few cards to contrast with with pineclone (around 6-8, if you count SG) and you have 3 of them, 4 Dandy Lions feels too much, not only probably guaranteeing a pull but even two which is not necessary and is a waste, this deck really feels like half aggro and not the Midrange Control that you were trying to accomplish, once again, numbers are quite bad and synergy is really splint into a way that wouldn’t even get into Midrange, I think you should recalculate this deck.

    • Nautilus
      April 21, 2017 at 2:40 pm

      Thanks for your feedback and I can see where your doubts are coming from.
      This is not a typical pineclone rush deck. Pine clone is mainly there to stall the game or generate card value. in 80-90% of the games i would play DLK before pineclone. It is also used to save Grizzly pear/DLK and puts them out of rocket science and doom shroom range. 3/3’s are resilient to removal tricks. Of course it is good to have a board full of them, but having even just 2 or 3 is enough to mess up your opponent’s game play. BTW dont just count Shroom for two, potato mine and sour grape, in mid-late game any unused hot dates and pear cubs (water lane) are all perfect candidates for pine clone.
      DLK is the main damage dealer in the deck. Drawing 1 is essential and 2 is useful. i agree that the 3rd DLK I draw would have little value (unless vs Rustbolt), but having 4 DLK ensures that i can get 1 or 2 when i need them and puts the pressure back on my opponent before setting up for GOW or Pineclone. i have tried with 3 DLK and the deck didnt work as well.

      • ZombotProSkillitronic
        April 22, 2017 at 5:46 am

        Now, this is the perfectly clear explanation to the deck (except that part where you mentioned the Pineclone members), now this deck is solid and straightforward but it just doesn’t gain that satisfactory, I did around 20 matches with this deck, now that I am back from my trip, and it has a lot of flaws, I can’t blame you as no deck is precise.

        You see, DLK really feels like the entire base which also gives it a priority in the deck, it takes huge damage off but needs to placed right for the block, which is even more painful knowing that a third of the time it will be blocked. I don’t exactly think anyone would be brave to pineclone around 2/3 plants due to value, they probably wouldn’t do that only to make it into the I3. GoW is only for the final touch with DLK for the -12 guarantee and wins it.

        Now I guess this is pretty much removal and control until unleashing DLK, but I really think it is too overeliant and should you add more to it than this.

        • Nautilus
          April 22, 2017 at 9:39 am

          This deck is similar to the popular Solar Flare DLK control deck. The major difference is that spudow is better with pineclone which can be used as an alternative win condition other than GOW.

          DLK is definitely the key damage dealer in the deck and thats why i use 4x. i would prefer not to deal any damage to the zombie hero before Turn 6 DLK to make sure that i can get a clean 10 damage shot. Of course that is not always possible but i am always mindful of my opponent’s block meter when i play with this deck. there are multiple ways to proc my opponent’s block meter before DLK.

          What is not clear with my pineclone explanation? Ideally you want 4+ plants to get the best value but it doesnt have to be. For example if I used Shroom for two to block a Turn 3 grave which turned out to be a Steathy imp, instead letting a single shroom to fill up my opponent’s block meter i will pineclone to put 2 3/3 on board on Turn 4. That is pretty good value for 4 sun IMO.

          How did you go with your 20 games? if you play the deck as intended you should have around 80% win rate. Feel free to post card replacement suggestions.

          • ZombotProSkillitronic
            April 24, 2017 at 1:38 pm

            Now- I played comp with this deck (since I would trust your decks) and so far it is now around 30 games and it is getting really terrible, currently only around 13 wins, which is quite bad as you may see, I certainly do not like the “reliantliness” on DLK, you have mentioned it to land 10 if keeping the hero full, which is certainly hard as you are using Pear Cub and Sour Grapes which to weak chip damage yet it could still affect DLK. DLK defeats your opponent if they have -12 health with GoW. As the conjuring rate is 58% then it is very worrying-especially when it has the responsibility to do the damage. You really have to edit to make this enforce Pineclone into a powerful takeover so you could end it with a GoW+DLK, still keeping the Control cards instead of an aggro.I am leaving this deck- as it has disappointed me thoroughly.

            I am looking forward to your reply.


        • Nautilus
          April 24, 2017 at 3:26 pm

          ‘Thanks for trying out the deck. I have played 7 games with it today (4 games vs ultimate) and have lost once to a Neptuna sport deck who had back to back Sport coach zombies. If you are only getting 13 wins out of 30 games then you’ve definitely played this deck wrong. Remember the most important thing is to hold on to your cards and only play them in response to threat, and try not to leave any small bodies on board unless you can pineclone it this turn or next. Pear cub should only be played to block zombie or grave, unless i sense that firework/deadbead is coming. Sour grape and in many cases Shroom for two are often played for immediate trade only.

          Like it or not 58% is the stacked probability of getting 1 DLK from your Turn 2-6 draw. Remember that you will often draw DLK in starting hand (about 40% chances) and during mulligan, and i would also keep DLK in some match ups if i have 3 early control/removal cards. with 4 copies it is definitely a reliable damage dealer and I almost always get 1 when i need it.

          Pineclone to DLK to GOW is typical of Aggro Mushroom Spudow. It is playable but weak to AOE such as weedspray/chickening/deadbeard+firework especially since the new block meter has largely nerfed Punishroom. filling up your oppoenent’s block meter quickly with mushroom chip damage and giving them multiple super powers is also risky. That is why i built this deck around DLK which is capability of doing 10+4 damage in 1 turn, and many games are won without having to trigger my opponent’s block.

          It is not an easy deck to play as it often requires you to predict your opponent’s next play and calculate your chances, whether you should use DLK/GOW or play removal, defence or lane clogging with pineclone. you may also choose to take heavy hits in order to land your knock out punch, and some games can be very close. That is what makes it fun in my book.

          • ZombotProSkillitronic
            April 24, 2017 at 4:49 pm

            It s suits your gameplay then Naut, there is nothing I can do about it then. I’d obv need to edit it into my playstyle to play it as I am very picky, but I have another million decks to play with and currently trying to reach 1500 for set 2 (you are now asking how they are related long personal story- so there is no need to).

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