Heal to Gargs

This is the smash Heal to Gargs deck,that means you stay your hero alive to Gargantaurs came out.

Early game defend:Planetary Gladiator got high health that is hard fore opponent to destroy.Use Escape Through time and cone zone to boosts up him.It is just like healing your opponent.Flag Zombie and Gargologist makes your expensive gargantaurs into cheap beastly zombies.Turn 2 gargologist and turn three smashing gargantaur or make flag zombie turn 4 can play a seven cost gargantaur.Celestal Custodian destroys a 2 attack or less plant if it’s in a black hole or cone zone.If you get black hole in early game,you basically guarantee can destroy a plant.Weed spray helps the middle game to defeat good usage but low attack plants in the field like sunflowers,mushrooms(Before they play pineclone), or nuts and more.Medic can help your hero from damaged in 3 turns followed by Surprise Gargantuar that give your Gargantuars frenzy,Supernova Gargantuar that destroys copies of plants,deep sea Gargantuar an aggressive zombie in the water,Defensive End that makes Captain Combustible Repeat Moss less power,Nurse Gargantuar keeping your hero safe followed by Zombot that frustrate your opponent to make them lose their temper and concede,funny joke.

This is a wonderful The Smash Gargantuar deck,it is aggressive and tough and plant hero make take a lot of time to find a way to outsmart this deck(Zombot Great Zucchini?!)

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