Guess my Gravestone

Play annoying by tricking the Plant Hero by Gravestone. Headstone Carver buffs simple Gravestones like Swashbuckler Zombie. To turn up the heat, use Mixed-Up Gravedigger to shuffle the graves and replay big effects from Pogo Zombie and Intergalactic Warlord. To end games, summon in a Zombot Plank Walker to send your opponent in grave danger.

Weaknesses: Oh man! You definitely should be hating Spudow’s decks. They easily stop certain parts of the deck by running Sour Grapes, Berry Blast, and Grave Buster. The new Blockbuster card is also a new nuisance. However, there are some weaknesses Spudow possesses, so take advantage of all of them.

Strengths: Neptuna has a few Superpowers that help her Zombies become annoying. To add some Pirate danger, replace Landscaper with Captain Flameface (New Captain Deadbeard). Additionally saying that this deck is also a Gravestone deck, you can easily fool opponents. Watch out for Spyris and Grave Mistake, for they’re deadly combos, especially against Mixed-Up Gravedigger.


Any Legendary Card – Graveyard: This can put Zombies with no Gravestone into good position. Good luck with these decks. You can also replace these cards with 2 more Mixed-Up Gravedigger, if that’s your type.

x4: Headstone Carver: Use this card as the main Gravestone buffer. +1/+1 to a gravestone could also mean a good boost to Swashbuckler Zombie.

x3: Imposter: The Imposter puts the the damage value at fast. The extra Imps you conjure can be also used to get some extra damage (like Loose CannonOvershoot 2).

x2: Smoke Bomb: Arguably one of the most simplest but trolliest cards in the game. Adjust your Zombies through this card. Because of your Gravestones, the effects of your Smoke Bomb are nullified if Mixed-Up Gravedigger does shuffle up your troops.

x2: Sumo Wrestler: This card is just to adjust the battlefield. Send some Amphibious cards into your lane with the Sumo Wrestler.

x3: Swashbuckler Zombie: The Pirate effect that it can provide is actually pretty good. Impfinity also has a few chances with this card, when paired up with Quickdraw Con Man. Replacements for this card can be Planetary Gladiator or Escape Through Time.

x4: Going Viral: Power up simple troops with Going Viral. Best used when you think your Gravestone shuffling is over. Replacements for this card can be the new Stompadon.

x3: Landscaper: Put those annoying 3 ATK Plants aside by taking 2 ATK out of them. They also can be infinitely reused, so put good use into this card.

x2: Laser Base Alpha: This card can open up attacks to the Plant Hero if they are being protective. Can be paired up with Swashbuckler Zombie for maximum effect.

x2: Line-Dancing Zombie: The effect is also to adjust your Zombies accordingly. No really special use, only to take out guys like Wild Berry or plants moved by Gardening Gloves or Bubbled Up and Anti-Hero Plants (Like Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, or Poison Mushroom).

x3: Pogo Bouncer: Bounce Plants to clear a path for your big Zombies. Replay its effect with Mixed-Up Gravedigger.

x3: Tomb Raiser Zombie: This card can summon a random Gravestone. Using this to your ability, try throwing off some Plant Heroes by then mixing it up (once again) by Mixed-Up Gravedigger.

x2: Intergalatic Warlord: I don’t know how to explain this card’s power. Just +1/+1 for the rest of the game is super deadly, because Gravestone decks ALWAYS work with this card.

x2: Coffee Zombie: FRENZY!!! Have some fun throwing off people with this massively annoying card. With boosts from Intergalatic Warlord, your Zombies become a hard way to destroy (well, Rose).

x2: Undying Pharaoh: Great surprise card to show you that you can stay alive like no one else. Simple as that.

x1: Zombot Plank Walker: Put this in your deck to whip up some danger. Last minute placements are a sure way to hoard the field, especially if you’re trying to find a shortcut.

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