Green Shadow Creature Control

This deck is designed as a control deck that plays creatures as opposed to minions to avoid being weak to Defensive End. I have been experimenting with it in Ultimate league and have so far manage to win about 90% of my matches with it (over a small sample size). 

Bonk Choy – Bonk Choy is such a strong starting option for any mega-grow hero. It trades with almost all the annoying zombie one drops: arm-wrestler, headstone carver, paparazzi, and unlife of the party (even after a dance off). Don’t play Bonk Choy as an attacker, unless you are super ahead and really just need to finish the game off. But on early turns save this for a time when you can basically use it as a meteor strike.

Sweet Potato – Sweet Potato helps give more early game interaction. It is great against toxic waste imp when played in front of a black-eyed peas or fire pea shooter (or anything really). It also can help late game with amphibious threats such as deep sea gargantuar or just get a blocker out of the way for a B-Rex. There is enough card advantage in the rest of the deck that even when this is used as card disadvantage you will be okay.

Black Eyed Peas – I don’t really need to explain this one. It’s just a great two-drop. Everyone knows why it’s good. Blocks very well early. Can grow to be big. Punishes zombies for trick heavy decks.

Fire Pea Shooter – Fire peashooter is just another two drop for early game interaction. Similar to bonk choy it is great at removing early zombies. Straight up kills zombot drone engineer, team mascot and kite-flying zombies, trades with a swashbuckler even after it gets a hit in.

Mayflower – Mayflower is great. It is a recurring source of card advantage and can take over a game all by itself. Even if there is a zombie in the water lane on turn three Mayflower can trade with an otherwise hard to deal with zombie. 

Rescue Radish – Rescue Radish is a much more situational card. It can be used as the ninth two-drop if you have no others, but mainly it is used to save two drops from bad trades (situations like turn two fire pea shooter blocks and kills zombot drone engineer, turn 3 they play gravestone (probably electrician) and you can save the pea shooter to play again later and trade with something else). Also can have value late game rebuying a bad plucky clover, a brainana, or even getting value off a whipvine or relocating a snapdragon.

Sportacus – Sportacus is really good. As a 3/3 it can usually destroy an early zombie play such as a sumo wrestler, electrician, or landscaper. It almost always draws out the opponents removal such as zombots wrath, cakesplosion, or electrobolt making serious threats such as mayflower and B-Rex much more likely to stick around. It can also be used effectively as a beater. Part of the advantage of playing a control deck based on creatures is that you are always playing to the board meaning you can shift into a beat down role very quickly and finish your opponent off quickly with cards like B-Rex and Sportacus.

Bananasaurus Rex – One of, if not the, best plant legendaries there is. Can be used to kill an early zombie similar to sportacus but mainly used to beat down. With no access to Cornucopia or Wall-Nut Bowling, this deck has to win through combat. Banasaurus can easily get in 6 damage the turn it is played and even more later. Works very well with plucky clover and mayflower.

Snapdragon – Snapdragon is pretty much always a two for one unless the opponent can snag it with a nibble or plunger (why there’s only 3). Its a great answer to gravestones as you can play it in the lane to the left of the gravestone to destroy things like electrician, swashbuckler, kite-flyer, gentleman, and stealthy imp (the list goes on). You do need to be aware of which lane you’re playing your cards in to maximize the efficiency of snapdragon (for example if you have BEP, mayflower and snapdragon on turn 2 you should play BEP in the middle lane. Say turn three they block it with a smelly zombie, you can play mayflower in the water and get value from it. Next turn your opponent plays something like dolphin rider or toxic waste imp. Snapdragon in lane four will now finish off the smell, kill the amphibious zombie allowing mayflower to live and draw a card, and stay alive itself)

Plucky Clover – Another source of card advantage in a deck with no tricks. Usually played in front of a zombie that will take two attacks to kill it, but can also be used to block a large zombie (would not recommend putting in front of all-star). If you get a low cost event (spyris, blooming heart, etc.) You can use them similar to bonk choy where you just trade with a cheap zombie. Higher cost events you can definitely leverage to full potential so no matter what event you get from plucky, you will have a use for it. 

Whipvine – Just a very solid card. Not overwhelming but still very good. Can be used to trade with an all star that was put in front of something like sportacus. Can be used to get amphibious threats out of the water (great against Walrus Rider). The ability to save your important 3/4 drops like mayflower and B-Rex along with its large size and potential to kill a large zombie make it very useful. Also curves very well with Snapdragon.

Brainana – Brainana is extremely good. Great against teleport or really any decks playing tricks. Brainana allows you to get in lots of damage when your opponent is saving for Hail-a-copter and has little board presence. Also saves large bodies such as plucky and whipvine from the next turn rocket science. Anyone who’s played with brainana probably knows how good it is. 

The Great Zucchini – In case the you’re having a hard time closing out games or get overwhelmed by gargantuars. Zucchini can win games all by itself. A lot of times you can simply ignore the 1/1 zombies and just let them activate your block meter. 



This deck uses strong creatures manage the opponent’s board. Strong cards such as B-Rex, Sportacus, and Brainana allow you to quickly turn from the control deck to beating down your opponent with too many threats to remove efficiently. Cards like Black eyed peas, sportacus, and brainana give you a good matchup against zombie decks centered around tricks while early interaction and tons of creatures allow you avoid falling behind to aggressive zombie decks such as pets or sports. 

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