Green Shadow Bean

This is a deck that has been very effective for me, usually resulting in a win. However, it might be improved by cards I don’t have (Such as bean counter and cool bean), so the random Legendaries I added in could easily be substituted by some of those, other beans in this deck that there are only 2 or three of, or other Legendaries of your own. 


There are several different ways to win with this deck, but here are a few main strategies you might employ based on what cards you get:

1. Admiral Navy Bean Domination- If you get admiral navy bean at all, this is the best strategy you can employ. Put it in the water lane (Be careful if you’re playing against zombie heroes with removal however), and start playing beans to chip away at the hero’s health. Usually, using the embiggen superpower on a navy bean is a good idea, as it prevents rolling stone, conga zombie, fireworks, and other direct damage from killing it easily. Remember that Coffee Grounds and Clique Pea both count as Beans in this case. You’ll likely be able to go through all three blocks if you do this, so keep the opposing hero’s superpowers in mind.  Also, a lot of the strategies below work with this, so this strategy should always be fit in if possible. 


2.  Clique Clique Boom- If you start out with several clique peas, it can go very well. Play them so that they won’t die (Unless you really need to block something), and keep playing them so that they all grow in strength. If you get extremely lucky, you can kill your opponent before they can even put a zombie on the ground.


3. Growing up- With 5 environments in this deck, there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to get at least one during the battle. Keep this in mind, and use it to your advantage with vegetation mutation. Weak plants such as cosmic bean which have team up can turn from meat shields to powerful backup if you use this power correctly. The goal with this strategy should be to get your plants on heights and environments, and then to power them all up.


4. Do you believe in magic?- Using Moonbeam and Sow Magic Beans can put a lot of Magic Beanstalks in your deck.  Try to keep your moonbeams alive while sowing magic beans when you can, and you’ll get a fair amount of beanstalks on the deck!


5. I’m sorry, were you trying to play that?- Spring Bean and Jumping bean work very well for keeping things off of the board: Use them wisely! Whether to reset a zombie’s strength, or clear the path for a lot of damage to the zombie hero, these cards are very good at controlling the board and preventing too many zombies from piling up.


6. Coming to America- Mayflower, although not the main purpose in this deck, is very helpful at conjuring beans to help Admiral Navy Bean. It can also be used to defend an Admiral in the water lane if your opponent plays a zombie there. Finally, you might get lucky and conjure a legendary to help you win the fight. 


7. BONUS ROUND- The Plant food in this deck is a very helpful ability: It can be used as a finisher, or  just to keep a necessary plant alive. Don’t rely on it, but it can turn a close match to your favor. 


8. When you wish upon a star…- Starfruit is one of the random legendaries in this deck, but it specifically can be very helpful. With vegetation mutation and embiggen, along with all the team up in this deck, it can be very useful if played right, and can completely annihilate the zombie hero quickly. It is very good if put on an environment, but the main goal should be to have it used quickly, and to keep it alive. 



These are not the only possible strategies: The main purpose of this deck is to adapt, and make a move when needed. You could end the match quickly, or take it to very late rounds. Hopefully, you can find a good use for it!

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