Gravitree Knuckles 2.0

I read the comments at my first deck of Gravitree Knuckles,than i improved my deck a bit

The ultimate strategy is to put a gravitree  behind a force field that buff it up to destroy zombies

This is like tempo grass knuckles,you get ahead on turn one by turn one by clique peas and you get more ahead on turn 2 for black eyed pea,jugger nut or lily of the valley and turn 3 just play grow shroom or play what you want,than turn 4 is the time to make the combo.And turn 5 is the time to amazingly buff up your low cost teammates by onion rings(But beware about the Gravitree being tide down but you can still buff it up).Turn 6 the trap is finished followed by vergetation mutation,Plant food or grow shroom

Each card has a job:

Clique Peas:2/2 on turn 1 and 3/3 when get another one and just and up

Grave Buster:Defeat mighty gravestone in a low cost value

Hot Date:Answer to Toxic Waste Imp

Black Eyed pea:Tempo Card and stop little bit of your opponent playing tricks

Jugger Nut:Tempo Card,Bullseye threat and a better than 2/3 stats

Lily of the valley:Helping plants grow in turn 3.

Vegetation Mutation:For Late Game’s Gravitree for the win

Shamrocket:Defeat High attack gargantaurs or any late game zombies with 3 cost

Grow Shroom:Buff up one of your 1 or 2 cost plants or give Gravitree some more attack

Force Field:Ready to put a Gravitree 

Plant food:Make sure the High attack Gravitree hit the hero sometimes

Onion Rings:Situational,but lot of times it can help boosting up your low cost plants

Gravitree:Force zombies to go to a place that they don’t want too go

This deck showcases Gravitree like a beast and it likes to be a top tier deck.It can counter a lot of tricky zombie decks when set 2 was out.(set 2 is just too good)



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