Gravestone high diver


The main stategy in this deck is to play headstone carver on turn 1 and take over the game by playing more and more gravestones. This is a tempo deck so you want to get more ahead on turn 2,3 etc. On turn 3 you should try to play zombie high diver with head stone carver so you can get a 4/5 amphibious on turn 3! However you need to keep in mind that zombie high diver takes up 2 lanes to play it so that is why you should run less in your deck. 


In your starting hand you should always mulligan for headstone carver, swashbuckler or sumo and zombie high diver.

Let me know how this deck worked out for you and think before putting a -1 or a mean comment 

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One thought on “Gravestone high diver

  1. UndeadPotato97
    April 21, 2017 at 11:13 am

    Good deck if you don’t have good cards.
    Still didn’t put into play so I’m not sure how it performs


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