Grass Knuckles Powerhouse

Another good Mega-Grow hero is Grass Knuckles. He has the ability to protect a Potted Powerhouse with Wall Nuts, Garlic, Hot Dates, and Root Wall. He can also move it and give it more health or buff it using Steel Magnolia. He can also keep the game going with his ability: Power Pummel. It can do 6 damage to a hero if all lanes are empty or do serious damage. Also Gardening Gloves and Plant Food can win the game instantly. Wall Nut Bowling acts as the best finisher ever, clearing lanes for a Powerhouse or hitting the hero. Shamrockets are used to get rid of powerful zombies (such as ones that could destroy a Powerhouse.) Now for stats:

Brainy: Rocket Science and Cut Down To Size are VERY bad

Sneaky: Graves and Powerful Amphibious are taken care of, but Deadly is another story

Crazy: To much extra damage is very bad

Beastly: Destruction tricks and Gargs are bad

Hearty: Weedspray and Wannabe Hero are bad 

As suggested by Pvz Master,

-2 LOTF +2 BR


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One thought on “Grass Knuckles Powerhouse

  1. PVZ Master
    May 16, 2017 at 7:27 am

    This deck looks really good; I like your description of it. I don’t think you need 2 Lily of the Valley though. Perhaps swap 1 for a more powerful plant.
    Overall, brilliant deck! 🙂


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