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Two Key Players in this deck.

1. Re-Peat Moss

2. Potted Powerhouse

At starting draw try to have a Potted Powerhouse or a Re-Peat Moss in your hand.
If you have a potted powerhouse, use your clique peas and black-eyed peas with power up tricks to keep powering up your Potted Powerhouse. Hang on to “Time to Shine” and or Plant Food so that when you have Re-Peat Moss or Potted Powerhouse really powerful you can punch through a zombie and then get a big hit on the hero.
This deck revolves around getting one card extremely powerful and then using tricks to basically end the fight in the trick phase.
Be very smart with Re-Peat Moss, how and when you power him up and what tricks he does are the difference between looking like a genius and a goat. Remember if you do a bonus attack trick with him, we will then attack AGAIN after it, so making sure you decide when it’s best to power him up more and only get the one bonus hit, OR, power him up a little but get a double bonus hit, is very critical.

Use Banana Bomb to clear dangerous “synergy” zombies
Use banana peel to move a zombie out of the way for a big double hit with Re-Peat Moss as well.
Use Black-Eyed Pea to make Zombies pay for using tricks to kill your big scary killer plants, which will in turn strengthen Potted Powerhouse even more.
Use Grow-Shroom and Clique Peas as mainly “blockers” to help keep you alive until you can play your powered up killers, they also power up your Potted Powerhouses.

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