General Rustbolt Deck(In-Depth Guide Included)



I’m going to go a bit more more in-depth with this deck than my other ones as I’m trying to become professional at this. So, here goes.

General Strategy

Like the title says, this is mostly a general deck. The idea could possible be (I’m not really sure myself) that you debuff the enemy plants and buff your own using bonus attacks, healing, and stuff like that.

If you read the hero abilities and the card powers, you’ll notice that some of them are very similar this is because I find Rustbolt’s superpowers very useful in this deck and I’m trying to duplicate them (if they are a bit weaker than the superpowers) into the deck.

I hope you make it to the end without dying of old age.

Card Strategy

Arm Wrestler-Anyone who plays hearty heroes a lot will know the power of this as a starting card. The +1 +1 when a plant is played here is devastating especially if they are trying to play conservatively. This is also good against weak team ups like shroom for two, as the +2 +2 will be very deadly. All around a good starter zombie that can create a no-no zone and devastating when buffed.

Camel crossing– great to boost all your zombies’ hp especially in the later,crowded rounds for only 1 brainz

Rolling stone– Great for taking out plants that get boosted over time before they can grow or use their abilities

Teleport– Use this to plant zombies where the plants thought they would hit Rustbolt

Beam me up– great for catching plants off guard with a surprise zombie. Reminiscent of Teleport(See Above)

Flag zombie– Really just there for bumping up the zombie deployment rate due to his special ability

Gargologist– For the later gargantuars. Not really cool if she dies early because you only have one. I recommend playing her in the 5th or 6th round as there won’t be much time until you play the gargantuars along with some other surprises if need be due to the lower cost.

Pool shark– Great with teleport to pull off 3 damage with no block charge

Terrify– Move a plant; great for shifting attacks to another zombie who can take it or shipping plants to zombies who can wipe them out.

Zombot Drone Engineer– Pair with space cadet(see above) and electrician (see below) for severe damage ramp-up

Brain Vendor- Although only playable after round 3, he pretty much becomes a free 2-1 in the middle to higher rounds.

Electrician– Great for wiping out or weakening plants especially with heavy hitters who could have low hp.

Fun dead raiser– If you’re running out this helps you draw cards especially after playing brain vendor with the three extra brainz you get. Also a good card to play if you have nothing else although playing other more directly impactful cards are usually the higher priority.

Gentleman Zombie– Provides a good boost if you want to play a trick but need only a couple brainz more.

Landscaper– Reduce the damage of heavy hitter plants and can make them susceptible to weed spray (see below)

Rocket Science– Pair this with rolling stone( see above)to destroy almost any plant except for this who have 3 attack.

Trash can zombie– like the electrician, great for just finishing off high damage low hp plants.

Weed spray– Combine with Rustbolt’s shrink ray and landscaper to increase the target amount for this ability. Use it like a mass rolling stone(because it is)

Bonus Track Buckethead– Stopping bonus attacks which can soften up your zombies could be a big help.

Medic– Only use on your hero and/or important zombies. Healing for 4 is a huge help especially to the zombie hero.

Monster Mash– Like a better but more expensive camel crossing(see above) , a buff to all your zombies’ hp AND attack can make them an arguable counter to mega-grow decks

Undying Pharaoh– keep him alive so he can keep you alive until you can either heal or wipe out the plants.

Rodeo Gargantuar– A heavy hitter that controls which plants are where to either kill one or to gain a direct strike on the plant hero. 

Wannabe Hero– If the fight is dragging out and you’re at a high hp, wannabe hero can be a significant game changer.

Hero Abilities

Cut down to size- eliminate a plant that could pose a threat to your high health zombies.

Heroic Health- good in the later rounds if you need a boost. Only advisable to use on the hero.

Rock wall- boost an important zombie’s hp if healing is not enough

Shrink Ray- severely impact heavy-hitting plants.

Replacements (random order)


Weed spray- Rolling Stones 

Bonus Track Buckethead- Buckethead

Rodeo Gargantuar- Sumo wrestler and some buffs

Wannabe Hero- All stars

Undying pharaoh- Medics

Gargologist- Flag Zombie

Monster Mash- Camel Crossing


Hope you win and have fun with this deck!

Please leave comments to let me know what you think about this deck and any suggestions.

Congrats for reading this far ?!











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3 thoughts on “General Rustbolt Deck(In-Depth Guide Included)

  1. UndeadPotato97
    May 21, 2017 at 3:44 pm

    Do you like this deck? I’m scrapping my Immorticia deck and trying either a kaboom or mega grow deck. CAPTAIN COMBUSTIBLE FTW

  2. UndeadPotato97
    April 21, 2017 at 11:28 am

    Sorry for the heroic health description. Accidentally copy pasted what was meant for medic.

    • UndeadPotato97
      April 21, 2017 at 12:11 pm

      I also took look through all th cards again and found that gargologist is science. But the ZDE won’t help much unless plants need cards


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