garg bonus attack


triplication- mime garg


I know the game hints at immorticia is better at this deck but i disagree. Rustbolt has access to things that give the entire team frenzy(which is a bonus attack). Use gargologist to play the mime on 3 and on turn 4 you spam minions and turn 5 you give them all frenzy if you haven’t won by then wannabe hero should finish up. In the comment section please rate this deck and tell me how i can improvise.

Important cards

mime garg-deck is built around

going viral-gives you more bonus attacksGoing ViralAll Zombies get +1/+1 and Frenzy. Shuffle three Going Viral cards into your deck. Draw a card.

battle cruiser- ensures everything survives so frenzy can kick inZombot Battlecruiser 5000Gravestone When revealed: Zombies can't be hurt this turn.

coffee zombie- less risky than going viral since it doesn’t flood your deck before you find important cardsCoffee ZombieWhen played: All Zombies get +1/+1 and Frenzy.

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One thought on “garg bonus attack

  1. TheFabulousOne227
    October 12, 2017 at 1:17 am

    This seems like a great deck… I felt really lucky to get 2 mime gargs in my first multi-pack, and I might save up to craft another 2. And Rustbolt does actually seem to be better at this than Immorticia, mostly because of going viral.


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