Freeze Rose Deck

Rose (in my opinion) is the best hero to do freeze decks with, as the Solar Class provides with lots of removal cards. This deck allows you to take control of the field early in the game with super buff Snowdrops and Winter Squashes. 


Iceberg Lettuce: Save for Snowdrops/Winter Squash.

Snowdrop: Place it in a lane without zombies. ASAP.

Spyris: Great plant to put in the water. Gravestones are a huge threat (especially deadly zombies), so it’s good to see what’s inside of them.

Snow Pea: Used for buff zombies to freeze them. Fun fact: Even if Snow Pea kills a zombie, Snowdrop will still get a buff.

Water Balloons: Early Removal card for 1 health zombies.

2nd Best Taco of all Time: Use to heal Rose or weak Winter Squashes.

Chilly Pepper: Great card to use. Freezes a zombie when you place it. Just don’t place it when there’s only a gravestone.

Mayflower: Just kind of a luck thing. It can give you good plants to use later on, like Cornucopia, Kernel Corn, or Great Zucchini.

Rescue Radish: Used to bounce Chilly Pepper so you can freeze a zombie again.

Whack A Zombie: Early game removal card.

Winter Squash: Just place it whenever you can. It can survive do to its high health.

Jumping Bean: Another filler plant. It’s better later in the game when the opponent plays a powerful card and spend all of their brains on it.

Power Flower: Just place whenever you can. The only weakness to this card is deadly. Remember, it healing power increases for every Snowdrop as well.

Squash: Save for Gargs, or any other legendary zombie card.

Three Headed Chomper: Good late game removal card.

Winter Melon: Place whenever you can. Since it freezes so many zombies, Snowdrop can get insanely buff.


Options: Replace Mayflower for another Rescue Radish, Winter Melon, Spyris, or Whack A Zombie.

Same goes for Jumping bean.


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