Fire Hacker

This deck is basically building little tiny mushrooms by turning them to pineclone,than play molekale to advance all these plants,then play mushroom ringleader in pear pearidise and plant food for the win.

Every card has a usage:

Shroom for 2:Tempo Card,make 2 mushrooms,can defeat 3 health zombies in 2 turns

Buff shroom:Make your mushroom stronger in early game

Mushroom Grotto:Ready for Pineclone,When a pineclone is played here,it may change a mushroom to a pineclone

Mushroom Ringleader:Hit your hero aggressively with plant food

Punish Shroom:Helping your early game mushrooms

Pineclone:Change mushrooms into 4 cost 3/3 pineclones,best with molekale in next turn

Pear Pearidise:Help putting a high health Mushroom Ringleader and plant food

Molekale:Turn cards into insane randomness,works really well ties pineclone.

Plant Food:Making a combo with Mushroom Ringleader OTK

Sonic Bloom:There will be lots of plants on board,so it will do a lot of damage

Onion Rings:Boosts up your Mushroom Ringleader and cheap plants if you don’t have pineclone or molekale

Espresso Fiesta:If your opponent is so tough,Mushroom Ringleader with this is guarantee win




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