Field Clear Gargs

I use a different form of the deck but I couldn’t put the exact thing in because this doesnt have colossal cards yet. the deck I use is listed below:

x2 Swabbie: Used for early game water lane access and to draw cards for Imp Commander.

x3 Bungee Plumber: used to destroy early game plants, or to get rid of plants to allow gargs to damage the plant hero. 

x1 Graveyard: has good synergy with Headstone carver and Cursed Gargolith 

x3 Headstone Carver: When you play lots of gargs and cursed gargolith with this its overpowered

x3 Tennis Champ: is good on turn 2 when played in a graveyard, use bungee jumpers to destroy zombies here.

x1 Meteor Z: is good for newspaper zombie

x3 Newspaper Zombie: is a good defense / attack card

x1 Quasar Wizard: used for card draw if your in a bad situation

x3 Sugary Treats: used to crank up zombies in water lanes

x2 Swashbuckler Zombie: the majority of zombies in this deck are pirates, it allows for a lot of early game damage, good with swabbie

x1 Captain Flameface: lots of pirates in this deck make this a great card to add strikethrough

x2 Gizzard Lizard: an early removal card

x3 Imp Commander good for card draw, you’ll need it

x1 Valkyrie: use swabbies to crank this card up

x2 Barrel Roller Zombie: good for removal and card if imp commander is played

x2 Frankentuar: like valkyrie, this deck has lots of smaller cards, use them to pump up frankentuar

x2 Imp Throwing Gargantuar: good with imp commander and captain flameface

x3 Surprise Gargantuar: wit cursed gargolith you can move this zombie every turn

x1 Cursed Gargolith: resets the stats of all gargs, making them very hard to kill especially with headstone carver

x1 Zombot Sharktronic Sub: good for the water lane and making sure your gargantuars stay alive

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One thought on “Field Clear Gargs

  1. DojokittyZYT
    November 12, 2017 at 2:15 am

    Cool deck!!


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