Sparks:73750 Cost:130=9587500

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One thought on “#FHP#

  1. Wreckagewallknight
    July 18, 2017 at 10:01 am

    This deck is to build lots of plants in the early game,and transwarm them into pineclones,and upgrade them with molekales.

    Astro Shroom is the only bullseye in the kabloomy class,and it does ton of damage when shrooom for two and mushroom grotto,and shroom for 2 is a really good 1 cost card followed by buff shroom or hot date if opponent plays toxic waste imp.And grave buster is just for killing amazing gravestones in set 2(even set 1 pogo careful what is coming up next,the mighty mixed up gravedigger?!)Since Mushroom Grotto spawns mushrooms,it can make more mushrooms when you played pineclone and turn them into pineclone too(2 sun is for turn 3 mushroom generating,3 sun is for more pineclones,but 2 cost is always way better.)And an answer to Pineclone is Supernova Gargantuar,So we “TRANSFORM” them with molekale in to tons of 5 cost cards.(Rarely used cause it is almost impossible to trigger it,LOL)Body Gourd counters Anti Hero decks even more aggro decks(There has less agar decks that wreck your opponent on turn 5,so it is rarely useful so we use one only)And Dandy Lion King can finish off your opponent if there has a lane opened and opponent got 8- health.If it failed,follow it by Grapes of Wrath and the second backup is Kernel Corn

    This is almost unbeatable and it’s so hard for opponent to deal with the full board madness(MAKE THE BOARD CHAOS.OP)


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