Deck substitutions:

4x Lil’ Buddy-bellflowers

4x Umbrella Leaf-Cosmoss 

Eyespore-Black eyed pea

Elder berry-applesaucer 

Cob cannon-cornucopia


sorrt for all of those a lot of this deck is with newer cards. Now the way you play this deck is by controlling the battlefield and never letting yourself die. Ideally try to get down sunflowers ASAP as those will give you much more options early game. Umbrella leafs are so your things don’t die but they are also flowers. BTW every plant in this deck is a flower with the exception of cob cannon and eyespore. Now you want to make sure that you can put down a briar rose which makes it so that if any of these precious flowers get hurt boom zombie gone. This will make sure your opponent thinks twice about putting zombies to kill your plants. Put the briar rose behind a team up plant of some kind for protection and your power flower for easy damage and healing. The other things in this deck are for even more control, as if you didn’t already have enough with briar rose and flowers. Use mallet on dangerous low attack threats, save squash and lawnmower for the big guys and use cob cannon as a last resort or as a damage dealer if you need to finish them off or just hold them off until you can get more blockers. Make sure when you have briar rose every lane is blocked by a flower as this will allow easy board control. Lil’ Buddy is op in this deck as he cost 0, has team up, is a flower, and heals your hero for two. Use them as healers or as efficient blockers. Use elder berry to finish them off with easy strike through damage. Thanks for reading this and if you want an op zombies deck check out my Huge-Giganticus deck.

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