F00ger’s Beans

The Strategy

Get Fast. Play Beans. Win.

Cliques are your MVP as in you mulligan hard for them like your life depends on it (because your stars do). You got that 7% god hand and now all of sudden you’re in ultimate league.

It gives them a tip off of ‘here’s what’s gonna kill you so get ready’.

The admiral beans are also the other thing that going to be smashing your opponents face harder than that one time I saw at a bar fight in Moscow. 

He is also your main support to get more cliques and beanstalks aka The Godfather of impeding doom.

Banana Peels are for those dudes who like to hangout in water and mess up your day. Also allows you to get things brainananana and rex which do hella damage and work well with this strat. They could also be used when a zombie is looking at you the wrong way.

Black Eye Pea is to ruin tricks or mostly just a pocketable target. Either way he’s hella cool and hard to kill just like this strat’s hopes and dreams.

Cosmic Bean is the homie that knows what you’re doing and knows what to hand you. Apparently that’s weenie beenie. WTF y’know? Anyway, he can give you team up stuff that helps with lily.

Lilly is hella good tempo with all the team ups. Doesn’t die like a scrub easily and a fail safe just incase you don’t get admirals or cliques but at which point what are you doing with your life tho?

Planet Grapes thing. The life source of eternal card draw. The elixir of handing out L’s. Cliques sing in it’s praise and collects the tears of zombie players.

Sow Magic Beans are lowkey amazing af rn. Hell, you can get a beanstalk next turn because that’s what happens to me. Just keep going fast, keep winning.

Cool Bean for those MUG or scary graves that you can’t do much about. They hella fine when they chill tho so you’re cliques stay OP.

Spring beans for those times you need to swerve from a zombie harder than that one time my friend Kyle got the late night text that he was the father. That was a bad night. But remember it only solves temporarily and you need to eventually solve the problem head on. Getting life advice from this deck so you know it’s good.

If this deck gets you to ultimate because it will, then remember who got you there. I am the promise land.







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3 thoughts on “F00ger’s Beans

  1. DNA-vitamin
    August 19, 2017 at 7:37 am

    I made it to Ult. I don’t have enough 4x Lilly, 4x cool bean, so instead of using them, i add in a 1x melon-pult for ground control, 2x Coffee Ground, qx Vegetation Mutation, 1x Moon Bean, 1x Navy Bean, 1x Brainana and1x Super-phat Beets. Thank you, my awesome Spicy f00gers!

  2. KUbaba
    August 12, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    I like how streamlined it is.

    Experience with matchups? Who is enemy Nr. 1 and how you deal with it?
    And did you have any doubts of any of the cards? Some modified builds (i.e. moonbean, spyris..)?
    Thanks a lot.
    EDIT: Tried it, went 4-0.

    • Spicy f00gers
      August 13, 2017 at 2:36 am

      Yeah baby, enemies are pretty much hearty heroes. Specially the smash because his supers are killer against this strat.

      Some doubt can be too many Lilly or cool beans. You can replace them with radishes, sporticus, moon bean or even flourish but I don’t really recommend that one.


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