Dr.Wall Knight

The point of this deck is heal when your plants or your hero is damaged,tempted to make your pepper m.d and heartichoke  strong.

Strategy:Galacta Cactus,a really good control card ,it can kill zombies with 3 health or less,make one drop zombies weaker.And photosynthesizer can make extra health to heartichoke,then it is a 3 attack 6 health plant that is really tough for any zombie heroes to destroy.The hot date counters toxic waste imp to stop imp decks swarm through deadly power.Pepper M.D with healing in this deck makes this really really tough to defeat with tacos or venus flytraps when you have them.

Guacrodile defeats zombies with 8 health or more.So it can counter tough zombies.And shamrocket counters zombies with high attack.Then Heartichoke makes your defensive healing to Aggressive attacks into the zombie hero,the combo is sticking a Heartichoke in a Venus Flytrap Planet.That can do tons of 3 damage to hero to your opponent blocks.Squash counters tough zombies that you don’t draw a guacrodile or a shamrocket while popping poppies choke your hero by maximum of 6 damage if there is a he artichoke.Then Astro Vera saves you from the attacks of 7 turns,but if there is a heartichoke,it will do 10 damage to their zombie hero if they can’t block.

Every card has a job in the description below.And Set 2 bringing up heal decks in to a beast.

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