DPU Retaliation

DPU – Defensive Power Up

This deck focuses on retaining health and defence during the starting phase, while setting up strong attacks to catapult you to victory in the end game. This will be a short guide to winning with this deck. If you have any adjustments/improvements please let me know as I’m not a very experienced player.

NOTE: This deck wins only about 75% of the time WITH GOOD PLAY in gold league, I’m still learning strategies for this game.

 Step 1 – Drawing Cards

The idea of drawing your cards is very important to winning with this deck. You have two main goals when you draw cards.

1. Get pea pod, double mint and Wall nut.

2. Get Potted Powerhouse along with Bonk Choy, Photosynthesiser or/and pea pod.

Sub Goal – Plantern W/ terrain is very good in the mid game, if you can get this it will help you alot setting up for your push.


Step 2  –  Early game (First 3 rounds)

If you have focused on drawing goal 1, focus on putting pea pod or wall nut down on your first turn. On your second turn if you have Double Mint, put it behind a wall nut or stall a turn and hold onto the double mint to turn 2. Turn 3 – Double Mint + Photosynthesizer, this will ensure that the “2 Damage” trick won’t kill it. Keep stalling and focus on putting these doubling masterpieces in good opportunities (shots against tough opponents, zombie hero etc.) Use these characters to tank. LET THE OPPONENT DEAL DAMAGE TO YOU, IT’S NOT WORTH DEFENDING WITH HIGH VALUE CARDS.

If you have focused on drawing goal 2, power up your plants AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Focus on stalling with Bonk Choy etc. while powering up your potted powerhouse. Another great way to power up the powerhouse is by playing your Steel Magnolias. Plan is simple in this scenario. Power up your Potted Powerhouse, sacrifice plants for the future, prepare for shit to go wild.


Step 3 – Middle Game Ideals (Rounds 4-6ish)

No definite plans because RNGods hate me but there is some ideals that can help you succeed.

-Use Double Mint to kill!

-Play your Powerhouse when it is at LEAST 7/7 or you need to save yourself (like your bout to die this or next turn). 

– Play your Plantern in enviroments, this is a very solid plan, but can come crashing down if they play environments on yours.

-Play your Banasuarus Rex and protect it like your life depends on it, it can easily destroy with its Double Strike.

Chances are that you will get one of these if you get a decent start. This is where you pray for the RNGods.


Step 4- EndGame (Round 7+)

If you made it to this point you better have some strong plants on the board, the opponent have no cards left or have a strong Powerhouse in your hand. Otherwise your screwed.  Your Synthesizer will probably draw some good Galactic Gardens cards, so this will help. This deck usually sputters out on round 7. Any further and they will probably win if they have gargantuans or sneaky zombies.



SUMMARY: Play defense while powering up your major characters (Double Mint, Powerhouse). Please leave advice as I realize I’m not amazing at this game and I would love some advice. Thank you a lot if you made it this far, and if you think it could compete at higher leagues leave a like. Have a good day!

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