Diatro’s Mainz: Striking Salad~In-Depth Guide

Good Morning, Good Afternoon Or Good Night Ladies and Gents today I am here with a special upload once again. This is my second most used deck on plants and I have been using it since LOTV prelease (I bought it). I have probably played over 250 games with this deck (basing off how many stars I got with it). This deck is a Strikethrough deck with the a controlled touch of Midrange. 


Win Conditions:

Cornucopia: Cornucopia is no doubt the most fun and powerful plant card, having the capability to even spawn a complete 5+ drop legendary army (probably a chance of 0.004). Even the worst Cornucopia still fills in all lanes and gives the pressure of a 6/6. It might be something different to do, but its sometimes the best to not put Cornucopia on your opponent’s main zombie on the field, this is so if you get a bad Cornucopia you will be able to enforce it with the power of the 6/6 but if it dies then you will have a couple of bad cards on the field.

Espresso Fiesta: This card is just deadly if used right, this card goes beautiful with a Jack’o’Lantern and could make a K.O easily. You could also use this on our B-Rex depending on which one you have or will land a more strategic hit. Both of these cards should be used with LOTV for a increasing 4/5 or the Frightening power of a Bonus attacking (and powering up) pressure of a 5/5. 

Chip Damage: All cards could reach 3+ damage in this deck which is a base removal and hitting amount (expect LOTV, I am not count Jack’o since he’s op and will change quickly). You could slowly earn yourself a win with the repeatedness of these attacks and powering up of cards with heals on your hero.

Classic: The classic win is to use 3 damaging hits with our strikethroughs and meanwhile power up a B-Rex or Jack’O’Lantern for our Bonus attacks. This this is the main plan of the deck and easily gets a win by round 7-8. Around a half of the deck is removal and keeps the field clean.



The Mulligan is always important and only changes to two type of usage due to its invulnerability to early hearties. 

Crazy Heroes: Your professor P2W could be easily ignited with tricks and then a Book Choy for the beginning of their cheap tricks. An Imp aggro is not what you see but if you do, you want as many Balloons and Morning Glories. A Z-Mech would use a Ramp Gary so you would want to take out their Barrels and Gargologists with Balloons and Bonk Choys. Electric Boogaloo’s Have the dance or pet aggros, you need heavy hitters and removals like Whack-A-Zombie

Normally: on the normal basis, you want balloons, a Bonk Choy/Morning Glory, a LOTV and another removal or B Rex/ Lantern.


Not Too Mentioned Cards:

2nd Best Taco Of All Time: This card has multi use, we all get a bit annoyed when we have to use this on our plants instead of hero this. I think you can quite the bit pull the value out of this on plants. You may use this on a Power Flower as it is the most annoying card that your opponent want to remove due to it’s ability, the untouchable 3  chip damage (Unless Landscaper Or Smash Ult). This would also work on our Jack’O’Lantern after his buffs since he has been used with Plant Food that gets it more health (not forgeting LoTV) so making it get a comeback is important. But now the most delicious combo is with B Rex, this card still draws a card like a normal basis which is a beautiful add on. The B-Rex comes back to life not only that but even stronger with an extra +1/+1.

Flourish: Flourish is a basic card that pulls more combos, this deck can contract with each other and pulling more enforcers always help, not to forget it’s extra of giving B-Rex a +2/+2.

Whack-A-Zombie: Now Chomper is a terrible card which could be used with another 1 drop as that’s why it implies with a WAZ, this card takes out nearly all -3 drops and is very cheap for a removal card.

Squash: The Plain, ultimate hard removal card that takes on even the most powerful zombie on the field, use this card efficiently, both for sun and which zombie will be a growing threat.

Bloomerang: One of my favorite 4 drops with it’s amazing ability of Strike through, Flower Synergy and pressure of 3/3. Use this with Power Flower for Contrast and chip.


I think That’s it for now guys, I would make thus In-Depth bigger but time is very limited currently, I hope you show understanding.

If you have any question, Replacements or Ideas please do comment as I Love to interact with viewers.


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10 thoughts on “Diatro’s Mainz: Striking Salad~In-Depth Guide

  1. Bruhthemaster
    April 19, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Nice deck m8. I have a pretty similar deck, but I find yours actually a bit better. So it’s a like her 😉

  2. Johannes12db
    April 18, 2017 at 5:58 pm

    Really want to unlock Chompzilla, cuz this deck looks good

    • ZombotProSkillitronic
      April 18, 2017 at 6:10 pm

      You could in around 3-4 days. The daily direct limit of watching vids is 21, which is 210 gems, if you have 120 gems or more you could get the 750 pack.

      • Johannes12db
        April 18, 2017 at 6:16 pm

        oh I didn’t know u could watch so many vids, thx for tip 🙂

      • Seimos
        April 19, 2017 at 1:32 am

        Actually its just 5 gems per video now, EA made a greedy move there.
        As for the deck, this is what i would change:

        – 3 water ballons
        – 1 espresso fiesta
        – 2 flourish
        – 3 bonk choi

        And add:

        + 2 Bananasaurus
        + 1 Whack a zombie
        +1 Cornucopia
        +1 Jack o lantern
        +4 grow shroom

        The reasons are simple, if you want to win with cornucopia as you explained, you need at least 2. Strikethrough by second option is better, so another jack o lantern would be excelent. Bananasaurus doesnt even need an explanation to have 4 copies of it on a deck. And the grow shrooms works amazing with the lilys as they buff each other, and the whack a zombie because it is just better than water balloons, and having 3 of those its better than 2.
        Took out the water balloons because they are too slow. Flourish because i dont think the deck needs card drawing, maybe you like it to combo with bananasaurus but it is too slow. Espresso fiesta, because of one little zombie called defensive end, against any serious rustbolt, neptuna, smash and z-mech deck, espresso would be a dead card in hand because of D-End.
        I would even take out the tacos for some pea pods.

        • ZombotProSkillitronic
          April 19, 2017 at 6:07 am

          No, that would make the deck terrible 🙂 that was the first V before I changed it.

          • Seimos
            April 19, 2017 at 3:14 pm

            I seriously doubt it. But thats ok, anyway, i saw another decks of yours, didnt comment but saw other people make sugestions and you never take them and never really explain why, so why you ask for ideas if you dont take them even when they are better?

          • ZombotProSkillitronic
            April 19, 2017 at 5:38 pm

            They are better for your gameplay then, on my first DMainz series I have mentioned that these all are made on perfection for MY playstyle and that was the reason I didn’t send these decks in the first place, as for the other, that’s only in 1-2 decks where I said that :/ that was due to what I was playing and made for and that it wouldn’t work. Anyways not all suggestions are good, these decks are all based my playstyle and my ideas, what I see good may be something you see bad and VV.

          • Ozymandias
            April 25, 2017 at 3:17 am

            I wouldn’t say that would make it terrible lol. Anyways, for anyone interested in making the deck better for general laddering, Seimos some very valid suggestions that I would personally consider. This deck plays pretty tempo-y, and Grow shrooms are amazing for keeping lily alive while B-rex is just a solid tempo card to force them to decide what to focus their removal on. I personally think Water Balloons are kinda slow and that Espresso Fiesta is not necessary but to each their own.

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