Diatro’s Mainz: Hungry For Brainz~Specific Playstyle

Alrighty Ladies and Gents welcome to today’s deck! I finally decided to share other of my current decks (I only shared decks I made with around 30 games on Casual or if it was for a better rank comp). So far I have also sent my Signature deck and not much of what I use, the reason to this was my gamestyle would probably be ridiculous for someone else-or hard to understand due to its unfamiliarity.

So This deck is a touched version of my stay alive+remove, Frenzy is a amazing Side effect, And keeping our hero healthy without doing much is something great. This deck has a  gag for nearly every stage of the game. I do realise there are many cards, but it’s all worth it. Early rounds are in control with our rolling stone, Dog Walker and our enforcer: Arm Wrestler. That’s 8 cards that win you the first round, do not forget that one of the only plants that won’t die by a rolling Stone on round 1 is Bonk Choy, I don’t think anyone would use Bonk Choy without purpose on the hero so no need to worry about that. Energy Drink Zombie could be disgusting if you buff it with Vitamin Z as it most of the time stays alive if a Berry Blast has not been pulled. You need quite the bit of cards (3 I guess) to almost guarantee the hit on it, which obviously is a waste of cards. Landscapers are for our Weed Sprays and Rolling stones which are essential cards for hearty decks IMO. Use Vimpire for aggros and feed off week enforcers that you left on the field. Overstuffed is a powerful card with Frenzy and would go quickly with Possessed and Powerful with a Manical Laugh. This card easily becomes a threat and your opponent will try blocking it if you have made it only Possessed, with a manical laugh, this card starts hitting 8s and becomes undefeatable unless technical attacks like Winter Squash,Shamrocket, Lawn Mower and Squash and perhaps a TH Chomper. For our late-game, comeback with a Undying Pharaoh if you are low and then use a Nurse Gargantuar, If you use Maniacal Laugh, then your hero is nearly invulenrable. Max your hero and use a ultimate Wannabe Hero to end you opponent in the late-game.

Hope you enjoy the deck. Please comment if you have any questions.

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3 thoughts on “Diatro’s Mainz: Hungry For Brainz~Specific Playstyle

  1. FreezShocka
    April 17, 2017 at 8:49 pm

    Nice deck, Energy Drink Zom is my favorite by looks and usage!

    What’s your IGN?


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