Guardian Wall

Use Bubble Up and Smackadamia to increase the health of your strongest Nuts such as Mixed Nuts and Smackadamia or defensive plants such as Mirror-Nut and Water Chestnut. Spineapple is your backbone to let all of your defensive plants, including Mirror-Nut and Wall-Nuts, attack. Mixed Nuts when placed with a Team-Up plant such as Wall-Nut becomes a strong foe early on. Mirror-Nut will damage the hero with its ability when a Nut is hurt. As such, this is best played when there are multiple Nuts in play such as Smackadamia and Pea-Nut. It is best however to save the second Mirror if the first gets destroyed.

Geyser and 2nd Best Taco of All Time are good to heal you late in the game or your barricade of Nuts. Shamrocket, Whack-a-Zombie, and Squash are great for destroying strong enemies. Grave Buster is excellent to destroy zombies beneath Gravestones. Doom-Shroom is great for clearing out any strong zombies. However, this destroys any fighter with 4 Strength or more such as Smackadamia.

This deck is best during the late game and won’t fare well early on as most of the cards cost 3-4 sun. As such, enemies such as Super Brainz and Impfinity can sweep you with Anti-Heroes and Deadly zombies. Hearty decks with Armored zombies such as Knight of the Living Dead or instant-kill tricks such as Weed Spray are also huge threats to you, as they will cripple or destroy your entire setup. Luckily, Doom-Shroom can wipe out their strong zombies and healing tricks can help you recover quickly.

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2 thoughts on “Guardian Wall

  1. KnightFall47
    December 14, 2016 at 11:36 pm

    Small-Nuts can take out any turn 1 threats that may become a growing threat if we don’t start with Potato Mine, such as Unlife of the Party and Paparazzi Zombie. I had struggles dealing with them if I didn’t have a Potato Mine in hand, and suffered greatly from Dancing or Trick based decks.

  2. The Polar Paladin
    December 14, 2016 at 1:03 am

    Wait, why are there small nuts in the deck?


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