Death Metal

Currently rank 40, budget deck for new players. People say boogaloo is bad only because they only see pet and dance. When you get cards like disco-tron, nurse, octo-zombie or zombot 1000, add them to replace the common gargantuars or deep-sea. Stall to win is main strategy. 


Specific mulligan guide: 

Always keep: Bungee plumber, conga zombie, 1 chickening, 1 firework zombie. They deal with early aggro well and 2 of these along with a super power that is not dance off can easily set up early game without taking much damage.  

Keep: Nibble, when you see kabloom, keep nibble always, it really helps against mushrooms along with other tricks. 

Squirrel herder: When you see guardian, always keep squirrel herder. If it removes hibernating beary, mirror nut or smackadamia you win. Against any other hero, only keep if the other cards are bad. 

Zombot’s wrath: Whenever you feel like it, if it is the only early removal, it’s not too bad. If you have 2 just drop 1. 

As a general rule don’t keep anything else, but if your hand is, say, 2 bungee plumbers and 1 chickening, keeping a foot soldier, disco-tron or even locust swarm can hardly harm you. 


This deck requires game experience, that means knowing your opponent very well. Always know when to hold all cards and wait, try to protect your hero health as much as possible, or even to contest for board sometimes. Like if your opponent looks like a Chompzilla control that kills you with magnifying grass, try to finish the game early. But one thing that is usually unwise to do is to spend all your brains before tricks, because even a bungee plumber or your 3 damage superpowers can change the game, and if your plant opponent is smart, they will know that and play accordingly. 


Update 16/11/16

-2 dolphin rider, foot soldier zombie

-1 imp throwing gargantuar, loudmouth 

+1 zombot 1000, disco-tron, firework zombie, vitamin Z

+2 cakesplosion  


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4 thoughts on “Death Metal

  1. Bogdan Borsch
    December 13, 2016 at 12:10 pm

    Will some barrels fit in this deck? (I have 3)

  2. RHolley97
    November 18, 2016 at 12:04 am

    So I decided to build this deck after pretty much getting all things gargantuar and wanting to use them. I had no clue which zombie I could use to do so.. Could you give me some advice on how to play? I get that, until you get to a certain brains level, you are just stalling out so that you can play gargantuars.. but do you have any specific tips, like what should be in you starting line hard, preferably and why? Also, can I have your thoughts on the second half of my deck? I have all of the same cards up through swarm (except for 1 Zombot’s Wrath). As for the rest of my deck, here it is:
    2 Smashing Gargantuar
    1 Deep Sea Gargantuar
    2 Disco-Tron 3000
    1 Nurse Gargantuar
    1 Octo-Zombie
    2 Zombot 1000
    1 Gargantuar’s Feast
    I’m sitting pretty low in PVP (rank 11) because I just don’t have time.. Would you recommend I change anything? Do you think this set up will hep me push to 20?

  3. Valsrin
    November 6, 2016 at 3:53 am

    Deck is Really good.
    İ put in octo, Nursel , 2xDisco , maniacal laugh as a change.

    İf not budget deck what changes you advice?

    • TheTDog
      November 15, 2016 at 8:42 am

      Nurse zombie is the only heal available, so take as many as possible, replace the common gargantuars with it. Octo zombie and disco-tron can replace deep seas or common gargantuars. Not a huge fan of maniacal laugh since you would rarely have the brains to use it and not enough small critters to spend it on. It does make the summoned back-up dancers a bit stronger though. Would definitely recommend zombot 1000 if you have it, great synergy overall.


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