Death by Flower (Read Description)

Cards in the Deck

Every card in the deck has it’s own meaning, and provide a stable foundation to the deck. Now introducing the wonderful cards present in this amazing deck!

Sunflower (4) – As you can probably guessed, a deck named “Death by Flower” is probably going to have flowers! The Sunflower is one of the most important cards in the game, let alone this deck. At a cost of 1 sun, you can get an extra sun each turn! Well, of course you knew that. Anyway, this card is not only able to put you ahead in sun, but is also your inexpensive gateway to using Briar Rose’s ability. When using this card, make sure to save one or two of them (or even three, if its possible) for later turns, and leave the big boy sun generation to the Twin Sunflower.

Seedling (4) – Did someone say RNG? Personally, I think the Seedling is vastly underrated. Any card that involves RNG isn’t looked highly upon, as you can very easily get something bad like a Button Mushroom, and its reputation is even further damaged by the fact it takes a turn to grow, making it easy to counter by tricks such as Bungee Plumber if it is played at the incorrect time. Plus, it can only turn into plants 6 sun or lower. However, once you work your way around these obstacles, Seedling can be an amazing card. When playing this, be careful for the amount of brains the enemy has for tricks. Make sure that when you play these when the enemy has 0 brains. None. Nada. If you want to take a risk early game, go ahead, but keep in mind you only have four of these. You can also play these late game when your bigger threats are on the field. Be extremely careful mid-game if you want to place them.

Twin Sunflower (4) – Remember when these had 2 health? Oh baby, that’s when these cards thrived; with no easy token or 1/1 counters. However, now with a cost of 2 sun and 1 health, these babies are still precious. With the power of generating 2 sun, the Twin Sunflower is a crucial part to keeping this deck alive. Getting this card off early is crucial to a good start with this deck, and it is also great bait for Briar Rose. As a zombie player, it is a lot of stress to see a Twin Sunflower played with 0 brains. It has to be dealt with quickly to deny you of ground to stand on. Usually, they think they can get away with destroying it with a bigger zombie, and that’s when you pull out Briar Rose. If you do not have Briar Rose in your hand, make sure to play this card wisely. You only have four, and these are undoubtably extremely important to your deck! 

Berry Angry (2) – Have a stockpile of sunflowers on the field? This nifty card gives everyone one of those babies a +2 attack boost! It’s pretty nice if you have a lot of sunflowers on the field, and it delivers one hell of a sucker punch to the enemy, and will most likely succeed in demolishing the opponent’s shield. You can also replace these cards with Solar Winds, which can put a nice little stalling mechanism for a row and could prove to be deadly with Briar Rose. EDIT: Now that I think about it, I may just take out Berry Angry completely…

Briar Rose (2) – This card is the heart and soul of this deck. This card’s ability is simple: If a zombie hurts a flower, Briar Rose will destroy it, basically giving all flowers deadly when on the field. With 15 out of 40 cards in your deck (Including this one) being flowers, this card is extraodinarily meancing. If the opponent is dry of tricks and cards in general, and is desperate to deny you of extra sun, they can’t do anything. A couple down leads to the destruction of the opponenet’s army of whatever zombies they have. Make sure not to play this for a trade with another zombie, as you only have two of these! Playing this card as a combo in one turn can also suffice, but make sure you also have at least one flower on the field when placing a combo.

Metal Petal Sunflower (4) – These sunflowers are amazing, packing a nice punch, sporting a fine amount of health, and all whilst holding the ablity to produce sun! Metal Petal Sunflowers are able to fight for themselves, so playing these without a Briar Rose on the field is okay. You really don’t have to worry about playing this carefully, and you can play it to counter any 1/1 zombies that may be swarming your other defensless flowers. This card can be a nice little tank for your other Sunflowers. Remember to abuse the Team-Up ablity of those Sunflowers as much as possible!

Petal-Morphosis (4) – Now, you may be asking, “Wow, more RNG?” And my response is most definitely, “Yes, more RNG.” You see, when I was a young little player, I thought this card was… overpowered. Yes, my brain was not the brightest back then, but by complete chance, this trick actually fits nicely into the deck. Petal-Morphosis is amazing for when you have a late game Sunflower sitting around, and you need another plant to finish off the opponent. Plus, it’s also nice to get a legendary, as Petal-Morphosis is completely random!

Squash (4) – Squash is your go to cheaper response to big zombies. I also tend to find my using it to counter amphibious zombies, since this deck has no amphibious plants (most of these zombies being Fishy Imps). Pretty easily explained.

Cherry Bomb (4) – This card has saved me at many desperate times. Make sure to play Cherry Bomb when there are grouped up enemis, and try not to play it on a single enemy. It is 6 sun, so it could end up being bad if you spend a Cherry Bomb on an earlier turn rather than spending the sun on a Twin Sunflower and a Petal-Morphosis. Be careful.

Dandy Lion King (1) – This is just a card I popped in this slot, as it was the other one of the two Kabloom legendaries, other then Kernel Corn, in the patch I played. It is also a flower, and it chips away a nice amount of health if played early. However, either Reincarnation or Molekale are good replacements for this card.

Kernel Corn (3) – This is one of the two main powerhouses in your deck. Sporting a nice 6/6, this card is a Cherry Bomb for every lane. This card will help you wipe out swarms and destroy middleweight hitters, allowing your massive sun generation a chance to grow even more. Use this late(ish) game to wipe the field clear of hard hitters, swarms, and any pesky amphibious zombies. Nice!

Cornucopia (4) – The second main heavy hitter. Another 6/6 like Kernel Corn, except this one puts out random plants in every lane! This leads to endless possibilities and endless combinations. You can get anything from a Button Mushroom to a Gravitree (who, by the way, looks exactly like Tracer from Blizzard’s Overwatch. I don’t care what anyone says, the resemblance is uncanny, and nothing can convince my otherwise) to a Soul Patch! This is the… I already said heart and soul… the brains of the deck? I don’t know, but the card is very important. Don’t play it if you already have a few plants on the field with no room. Use your brain.

Card Replacements

There are viable cards that can replace cards in this deck.


Primal Sunflower – This is so effiecent I may just rotate them into the deck… when I get them. :c


Morning Glory – A really nice 1 sun card, and it becomes even more powerful a few turns in! Plus, it’s a flower!

Primal Sunflower

Twin Sunflower

This card cannot be replaced.

Berry Angry

Solar Winds – An amazing synergy card for this deck. Scheduled to be replaced.

2nd-Best Taco of All Time – A nice healing card and a nice draw. Heard it’s a meta card from one of my friends who is in Ultimate? Idk though…

Briar Rose

This card cannot be replaced, obviously.

Metal Petal Sunflower

This card cannot be replaced.


This card cannot be replaced.

Cherry Bomb

This card cannot be replaced.

Dandy Lion King

Molekale – Can be a nice sucker punch to the opponent who would destroy all of your flowers.

Reincarnation – Pretty nice damage and health buff on a potential already heavy hitting plant.

Gloom-Shroom – This card is a 5/5 with bullseye to begin with, and a nice little damage to the other zombies when it enters!

Kernel Corn


Kernel Corn

Not replaceable, but you can switch values with Cornucopia (3 to 4).


Not replaceable, but you can switch values with Kernel Corn (4 to 3).

Questions, comments, concerns? Leave them in the comments below! I’ll take a look at them. I’ll be adding more strategy text soon.

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2 thoughts on “Death by Flower (Read Description)

  1. Junior Studio
    December 22, 2017 at 3:29 pm

    Also, can I replace Sunflower with Sunflower Seed that costs 3 suns?

  2. Junior Studio
    December 22, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    I think more Briar Rose should be needed than any types of corn
    2 is too less


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