ConTroll Citron

Sup everyone.

This is a trolling (sort off) citron deck. It has good early game control with the galacta cactus, corn dog, hotdate, gravebuster and spikeweed. Also has a bit of synergi with the galacta cactus and pear cub and hibernating beary, bot can handle big minions or deal a lot of damage to zombie hero.

Sportacus is mainly to deal some damage to trick based decks, plus it has good stats being inmune to weedspray, rolling stone and rocket. Also the dark matter dragon fruit for late game and finisher.

For big minions control, besides of pear cub and hibernating beary, we have shamrockets and doomshroom, and more in late game the great zucchini.

I added starch lord as a fun side of the deck and it turned out to be quite helpful, it provides very good cards to keep controlling the oponent, such as, gravebusters, potato mines, water chestnut, spikeweed, soul patch and others.

Wallnut bowling is the finisher i added to this deck, but it is really not a requirement because there are many ways to win with this deck, you can create a lot of lethal situations with the hibernating beary and pear cub. Besides there are other finishers like the dragon fruit and zucchini.


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