Control Dark Matter Dragon Fruit (Some what an In-Depth Guide)

Poison Ivy= Imitater 

Dmd= Dark matter Dragon Fruit


Although Night Cap isn’t always the best of “control heroes” or “ramp heroes” this deck is not so bad when used correctly. Although there are important things to take note of:

– Pair Pearadise IS an environment, which means it can be removed, so be careful!

– Use banana bombs, berry blast, and banana launcher to take out little pest- especially anything with deadly trait

– Try to use one sour grape on top of pair pearadise to do 2 damage to each zombie.

– Use rescue radish in 2 situations: to save an almost dying plant or to reactivate sour grape ability (recommended).

– Use cherry bomb for bigger removal- number 1 aim should be deadly zombies

– Split imitater: save at least 2 imitaters for sour grapes, 1 for pair pearadise (making 2) then playing Dmd. Making 3 Dmd’s, almost making zombie tricks impossible- and put sportactus right after, making zombie tricks not worth it. 


Ability wise:

– Hopefully you get More Spore in the beginning, since that ability has no purpose in this deck what so ever

– Whirlwind is SUPER useful in late game with this deck

– Storm Front is also really good at buffing a lot of plants, especially with imitater on the field.

– Mush Boom is ok, the 2 “do 2 damage to a zombie here” is really nice, but the poison shroom  has no purpose in this deck


How this deck works against other Zombie Heroes:

Boogaloo: As being part of the Beasty/Crazy class, this is one of the heroes you should be aware of. Both classes have the 2 biggest weakness of this deck: Zombot1000 and Garg Feast. (hopefully u can finish of the hero before turn 11). Many people would ask “but what about Dmd? a 17 cost garg feast would take too long”,but the thing is by turn 9, it is possible to have 3 Dmd’s on the field, and having all of them dead by Zombot, making way to the ultimate demise: garg feast.

Impfinity: Sneaky/Crazy, as mentioned above, beware of garg feast, but the fact that it has no beasty cards, which means the only threat is the deadly ability, which can be easily dead from berry blast and/or banana bombs. The #1 problem of this deck: the sharktron sub. can wipe the field clean. so be very careful.

Rustbolt: Hearty/Brainy, this hero is a lot easier to deal with, and since rustbolt is best known for “ramp decks” this deck is excellent on countering, especially when it comes to ramp to BMR (bad moon rising). So in general, this deck is quite good against rustbolt.

Neptuna: Hearty/Sneaky, the only tricky part of beating this hero is gravestones. Although gravestone is not as effective of destroying nightcap in this deck, unlike his spore decks, it is an option to remove some banana launchers for sypris. Other than that hearty is an easily class to destroy with this deck. Since it also has sneaky trait, be careful for deadly zombies.

Super Brains: Sneaky/Brainy, Again, watch for deadly zombies, brainy class doesn’t have a lot of threats in general (until triassic set comes out, cuz one of the new legendaries is just gonna kill this deck). Just be careful for trickster, which can easily be countered by sportactus.

Z-Mech: Hearty/Crazy: too easy to deal with. Except for Stompadon. Other than that no problem.

Smash: Beasty/Hearty, Hearty is pretty easy to deal with, Beasty is a little challenging because of the powerful gargantuars (zombot and supernova). Sports deck is ok, as long as you take care of things such as arm wrestler and team mascot, you should be fine.

Brain Freeze: Sneaky/Beasty, although a member of the beasty class, this hero poses little threat because it usually uses pet decks which can be easily countered. (not all are pet decks so still keep your guard for deadly zombies)

Huge Gigantactus: Brainy/Sneaky, This hero is really tbh surrounded by environmental decks which can be easily countered with pair pearadise. So this hero really isn’t too hard unlike its cousin Super Brains.

Immorticia: Beasty/Brainy, comment down below what are good Immorticia decks out there cuz i never see anyone play this hero. So I can’t really help what to do.

Professor Brainstorm: Crazy/Brainy, master of conjuring cards, and with the ability to easily do ramp to garg feast deck, this is a hero to really fight hard with. 3 Dmd’s should take care of the job (thank you imitater), but always be careful. Brainstorm is one of the hardest heroes– and a big weakness to this deck is: An OTK Valk. especially when teleported. Good Game.


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