Conjure Time

So, I asked myself, what if I combine some good OP cards with pretty bad ones?

And I did this deck, with win-rate 70%

or im just lucky with opponents………

Also, this is another Fun deck that I made (1st was Prof. Brainstorm fun deck), that means, I dont say replacements (reason : all cards are important)

I just really wanted to play Abracadaver with Tomb Raiser, cuz Tomb Raiser can place Binary Stars (if you lucky of course), and Abracadaver is great against Pineclones

Also, I added Foot Soldier and Orchestra just because they didnt show up in meta

Gas Giant and Stupid Cupid too, but they was on 2-3 matches only with small chance

And I added good cards as : Disconaut’s , Dr. Spacetime, Toxic Waste Imp (just in case), and some bounces for mega-grow with environments

I think I dont need to show you how to play, but ill do it, just in case :
you CAN place Mini-Ninja on turn 1, opponent probably would destroy it, but they can have only 1 removal in hand, but better use superpower 1st, if you got it

Place Mini-Ninja on Heights, cuz your opponent can have Power Pummel (Grass Knuckles’ superpower) or Scorched Earth

Fire Rooster for shrooms only, or if you want to finish your opponent – place it on Heights, cuz situation is similiar to Mini-Ninja

Abracadaver is very good with Moon Baze Z , cuz if you did one of the Daily Challenges, you know why they good together (Double Three Damage to plants). Similiar situation with Tomb Raiser

Backyard Bounce is only for most bad things, or for bounce that plant, that blocks our guys. Same with Stupid Cupid

Foot Soldier is great for face damage, if opponent dont have plants on board

Gas Giant is our finisher. Just read ability, and you’ll get it

I think that’s all, hope you enjoy it!




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