Combo Combustible (In-Depth Guide)

Hey everyone I’m back with another in-depth guide to showcase my version of the popular repeat moss Bonus attack deck. There is some math that goes into this deck and knowing how much damage is in your hand and how much damage your opponent can deal that turn will be the key between winning a turn earlier or missing lethal and losing.

UPDATE 1/14/17

After looking back at this deck and gaining more experience in the game from when I first released this deck I made some extremely terrible choices with cards in the deck.

-Added in 4th Black Eyed Pea

-Added in Wild Berry this gives us an early plant to start a combo off with and pressure face damage

-Removed Berry Angry (Fertilize does a better Job for starting Combos. I have no idea what I was thinking lol)

-Removed 1 Flourish (3 was way too slow when trying to get a plant instead to go face.)

-Removed 1 Plant Food (3 was not needed 2 does the job well enough without clogging you’re entire hand)

-Removed 2 Sizzle ( I realized that going face has no time for removing threats and even though this was a trick I barely got it to consistently synergize with Moss.

Intro: I’m sure it’s happened to you before you’re sitting pretty with your zombie hero, your opponent plays Repeat Moss in an open lane and you clasp your hands together praying that your opponent won’t kill you in the blink of an eye. Repeat Moss could be over looked in any other plant deck really. I mean sure grass knuckles can move a repeat moss that’s fronted with a Gravestone and Green shadow has the whole bounce thing going for her but it’s almost as if Captain Combustible’s super powers were meant for Repeat Moss.
Combos: Keep in mind these are combos that you can pull of before the fight at the end of the turn occurs. These also are performed in open lanes and the block meter is not kept in mind during combos. These do not take into account the damage that will occur during the fighting stage of the turn. Of course if our opponent spent all their brains and do not have a gentlemen Zombie on the field we can increase the damage that each plant below will do but for less complication we just assume all of these are done before the end of the turn.

3 Sun Combos*
Bonk Choy + Blazing Bark + Time to Shine = 7 Damage
Bonk Choy + Embiggen + Time to Shine = 5 Damage
Bonk Choy + Time to Shine = 3 Damage

5 Sun Combo*
Re-peat Moss + Blazing Bark = 6 Damage
Re-peat Moss + Embiggen     = 4 Damage
Re-peat Moss + Time to Shine = 4 Damage
Bonk Choy + Fertilize + Time to Shine = 6 Damage
Poison Ivy + Blazing Bark + Time to Shine = 9 Damage

6 Sun Combo*
Re-peat Moss + Blazing Bark + Embiggen = 14 Damage (Order matters or else you’ll end up dealing 12 Damage)
Re-peat Moss + Blazing Bark + Time to Shine = 18 Damage
Re-peat Moss + Embiggen + Time to Shine = 12 Damage
Bonk Choy + Fertilize + Blazing Bark + Time to Shine = 13 Damage
Poison Ivy + Blazing Bark + Embiggen + Time to Shine = 11 Damage

7 Sun Combo*
Repeat Moss + Blazing Bark + Embiggen + Time to Shine = 30 Damage
Re-peat Moss + Fertizlize = 5 Damage
Bonk Choy + Fertilize + Embiggen + Blazing Bark + Embiggen + Time to Shine = 12 Damage

These are just a few at the top of my head. Other good combo starters are Berry Angry or even ending with a Meteor Strike or Berry Blast so that your buffed Moss can attack again.
Brief Mulligans and Cards

The interesting thing about Repeatedly hitting our opponent’s face is that sure we can dish out alot of damage but our opponent will be rewarded with a Super Power that can stop our entire fiesta. Below I will go into depth about how safe it is to play different combos and what to mulligan for against certain Zombie Heroes.

Bonk Choy*

Mulligan for Against: Super Brainz, Rustbolt, Z-Mech, Smash, and Neptuna
Bonk Choy is the cheapest strongest plant used to not only to start our combos with Combustible’s insane arsenal of Buffing tricks but it can also punish turn one plays that can give our opponent too much tempo such as Headstone Carver & Arm Wrestler. We should never play Bonk Choy dry for no reason because he has so much potential that can be wasted that way. Bonk Choy buffed and then combo’d with plant food is also a deadly combo because of how cheap Bonk Choy is.

Berry Blast*

Mulligan for Against: Every Zombie Hero
Berry blast is one of the best removals in the entire game next to meteor strike of course and Combustible has access to both. If you have Berry Blast and Meteor Strike in your hand then always use berry blast first. We will rarely use berry blast to hit face (unless we are trying to proc our opponent’s block meter to setup for lethal) so using it first can give us a good meteor Strike later that saves one sun and in this deck every sun counts.

Black-Eyed Pea*

Mulligan For Against: All Zombie Heroes
Sure you can keep this against all Zombie Heroes however keep in mind this gets punished by Hearty Classes with Weed Spray and Rolling Stone. We’re not going to play this dry against a hearty class that passes turn 2 (That’s what our Fire Pea is for but ill get into that later) but we are going to follow up a pass by our opponent when it’s completely obvious what he’s going to do. For example: we get Bananasaurus Rex to like 6,6 against The Smash and our opponent plays one Zombie but keeps 5 Brains. Something tells me he’s going to Locusts Swarm and what does that give us in return? A 2 cost 3,4 that next turn won’t die to Rolling Stone or Weed Spray. Black Eyed Pea can also cause our opponent to be in a really tough situation if they are not Hearty. They will have to think about Trading and what not but in the mean time if we curved nicely we could move on to Poison Ivy the next turn.

Fire Pea*

Mulligan For against: All non Crazy Zombie Heroes
Fire Pea is a great card that doesn’t die to Weed Spray, Rolling stone, or Rocket. We cycle it out against Crazy Heroes unless we are unable to get a decent 2 drop such as Berry Blast or Black Eyed Pea.


This card isn’t primarily used for Re-peat Moss unless we’re past turn 7 but Fertilize is great if we already have a Re-peat moss on the board for the next turn after it’s played.


Flourish is weak against Imp decks especially infinity where if they use their Hero power we will be playing catch up however this card is great against control decks and Bananasaurus treats this as an Embiggen and draws us two cards. If we have no other play then we should draw cards unless we have a clear turn 4 Banasaurus Rex and in that case we can save it for him if we aren’t going against a deadly deck.

Poison Ivy*

Poison Ivy is such a great card that can be protected after the turn it is played. Not only can he bait out a rocket or Cut Down but he deals 5 DAMAGE! having your opponent low on health will spell curtains for him later on when we use our combo. Poison Ivy can also be combo’d but she is more susceptible to things like beam me up when the trick phase begins. However if Poison Ivy is left alone she is a Fantastic starter to a combo.

Banasaurus Rex*

Me personally I use 3 in the deck because he is so necessary and is one of the only legendary in the game that can hard carry by himself (He can heal every turn and attack twice. Only card that can do both.) I’m sure you can play around with the number in the deck but a 3,3 Plant is so strong the turn it is played because it won’t die to Rolling Stone, Weed Spray, Rocket, or Chickening. Rex is one of the most powerful legendarys in the game dealing double his attack. Combined with Blazing Bark or any other of the buffs in the deck he can most of the time finish the game by himself. Banasaurus Combined with Flourish to Buff his attack and Plant Food we can sometimes just eat through our enemies defenses. I used to combine this with Party Thyme for ultimate synergy however ever since the Party Thyme Nerf and realizing that there was no need for Card Draw when there are an abundance of Flourishes in the deck I removed him. If we block and get a super Power that buffs Rex +1,1 so keep that in mind before using a Power right away.

Plant Food*

Basically a more Expensive Time to Shine that isn’t primarily used unless we have a Re-peat moss on the board that’s already been developed but it can be combo’d nicely with Rex in order to eat through a zombie our opponent has played or to end a combo with Bonk Choy.

Re-Peat Moss*

A win condition along with Rex both of them have the same purpose and that is to rip through your opponents health pool and secure the victory. If you have two Re-peat Mosses in your hand and your opponent spent all their Brains sometimes it’s too good to let that go unpunished and you can just play one in an open lane. If it gets fronted with a gravestone all hope is not lost if it survives but if it gets fronted with a Zombie let alone not fronted at all our opponent could have very well just handed us the game. Say you are feeling risky you can’t play a re-peat moss on turn 4 against hearty heroes because they could have Rolling Stone or Weed Spray. Against Crazy Heroes they have double Plumber and Zombots Wrath. HOWEVER, against Immorticia, Brain Freeze, and Super Brainz there is actually nothing they can do unless they smoke bomb a Zombie over that turn or play a Gravestone the next turn to front it. Against the Brainy Classes if they front our dry Re-peat moss with a zombie that has less than 3 attack we can most of the time rip through it with tricks the next turn and get to the Zombie hero. That’s why its important for our opponent to play Gravestones in front of our re-peat moss and not unprotected zombies. TIP* If we are about to block an attack and we can play Repeat Moss with a trick it IS NECESSARY to play re-peat moss to the right of what Zombie is going to attack because the Super Power we use from the block will trigger our Moss to attack again. and that will sometimes win us the game off of that.

Sour Grapes*

Kind of a hit or miss but originally I had Cherry bombs in the deck and realized that the only board that was messing up my chance of winning was against imp decks that swarm the field with high attack low health zombies. However there were some instances where Cherry bomb was the actual answer so I might just do 1 and 1 later but for now I stuck two Sour Grapes in.

Espresso Fiesta*

Espresso in many cases wins us the game if the game goes to turn 8. A lot of the time people will not play around espresso and as punishment they will lose the game. The reason I run 1 and not 2 is because I don’t want 2 in my hand at the same time that would hinder my entire initial strategy. So it’s a great card combined with a plant like Bonk Choy on turn 9 which will dish out 9 damage and so on.


Zombie Hero Combo Counters: While laughing at how much damage we are doing to the Zombie Hero there is the threat that they draw a Power that completely ruins our day so below is a list of all Zombie hero Counters and how to deal with them accordingly.


Against Super Brainz~

Super Brainz is interesting because he can actually stop our combo with Cut Down. Most super brainz Draw cards at the beginning of the game so if your opponent does that this means that the threat of him top decking Cut Down is greater (Drawing it from the top of his 3 card Super Power deck.) Another card Super Brainz can get is Carried away and in that case if he carries a Dead Zombie to use our combo will end and Re-peat Moss will die. Him getting Super Stench or Telepathy is not a problem as it won’t affect our combo. Tip* In order to dodge cut down sometimes it is necessary to grow our re-peat moss to 4 exactly which while this procs the block we dodge cut down and then we can continue to grow and do bonus attacks. For Example: This can apply to Re-peat Moss + Blazing Bark + Embiggen where instead we would just embiggen first.


Against Smash~

The only thing that can stop our combo is Slammin’ Smackdown so Re-Peat + Embiggen is risky unless we’ve seen our opponent use it prior. Another thing that can save our opponent is Heroic Health which can put him out of lethal range slightly and prolong the game.


While procing his block the only thing Impfinity has that can stop us is Triple Threat. However if we are still in the process of our combo an imp will just block one hit. However if our combo ended and we proced the block and our opponent has Toxic Waste Imp on the field then our Repeat Moss will suffer if an imp landed infront of him for combat.


While Procing his block Rustbolt is weird because he can not only cut down our Moss but he can shrink Ray it which will keep us out of lethal range and not only that but he can get Heroic Health. For cut down we follow the same rules as Super Brainz using Embiggen first.


While Procing his block Boogaloo can actually get numerous things that can stop us. Dance off if a dancer lands in front of us can stop a hit and if we didn’t manage to grow our Repeat Moss to more than 3 Health an electrobolt or Stayin’ Alive can stop our Moss. Assuming that our Repeat Moss is healthy we can assume that Evaporate will be useless.

Brain Freeze~

While Procing his block Brain Freeze can actually stop our next bonus attack with Frozen Tundra and this will require us to use another trick to get unfrozen. He can also Acid rain us down which shouldn’t make a big difference in our combo but dolphinado if our re-peat Moss is the only thing on the board will go back to our hands which isn’t great but we can begin to think about our next combo burst.


Like Boogaloo he has an electrobolt but that’s not really a threat if we got our Moss passed 3 health. Summoning dies for free to a bonus attack and his other powers are card draw. So there should be no real threat after charging his block meter.


Immorticia has some of the weakest powers in the game and none of them actually affect our Re-peat Moss greatly. All she can hope for is to summoning or Witch’s Familiar to block damage.


Dance off will actually halt an attack and Missile Madness does actually nothing to Re-peat Moss since his health is at 3 and Missiles to 2 damage.


She can’t do anything to use after procing her block besides Dolphin-ado or Octo-pult. Octo-pult blocks the damage but to no extent.


So the only real threats after we Proc a block are the smash, Super Brainz, and Rustbolt. Every other hero we can sustain against if we charge their block meter.

The Verdict: Although there’s a lot of math involved with the deck and a lot of the matches with this deck are extremely close aka your opponent can kill you the turn you play your Re-peat Moss combo,  it’s a fun deck to use to kind of surprise your opponent when they think they are safely out of lethal range. Sure Blazing Bark + Plant Food + Time to Shine is somewhat broken but figuring out maximum amount of turns you can survive while you gather all your materials from card draw and block meter blocks for a huge combo is exciting and I want others to experience this.

In Game Name: TryHard

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20 thoughts on “Combo Combustible (In-Depth Guide)

  1. MrNumNums
    May 31, 2017 at 9:37 pm

    I am missing 1 Bananasaurus rex…

    What should I replace it with? Another plant food?

  2. MonK
    February 22, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    Wouldnt blooming heart be better than poison ivy? I made this deck, dont have the bananasaurus so i put repeater instead and replaced poison ivys with blooming heart and works great.

    • TryHard
      February 22, 2017 at 4:47 pm

      Hey I made this deck before the release of Blooming Heart and if it works for you that’s great!

  3. MrNumNums
    December 21, 2016 at 3:40 am

    I think that having 3 Banana’s is a little expensive. I have a Doubled Mint, and some more Expresso Fiestas. Do you think that I can replace all three banana’s? The game doesn’t even give me a Brainana.

  4. straßenprophe
    December 10, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    I tookout sizzle & poison ivy. I think wildberry works better for me than ivy. it is more fragile, but can actually trade with zombies. added also 4th black eyed pea and another berry angry. this makes the deck overall a bit more ‘classic-aggro with potential combo finish’.
    important: try to avoid trading your plants 1:1. most of the time they deal more damage than the zombie for the same cost, so your oponent has to find a way to deal with your threads. don’t flood the board. a wildberry (e.g.) alone on the board is already a threat yoour oponent has to deal with: either with a zombie or a rempval spell.
    the most important addition to the deck though is sweet potato. with it you can clear lanes from blockers and protect your plants from deadly zombies AND you can pull fish out of the water lane. 3 of them make this deck much better imho. (no matter what version you play, 3 sweet potatoes are beast!)

  5. RHolley97
    December 6, 2016 at 5:15 am

    Replaced Sizzle (2) with Flourish (1) and Espresso Fiesta (1).. I’m just not a fan of Poor Man’s Squash and it also cheapens the deck.. Making only 2 cards enter into the 5+ Sun cost.. Thoughts?

  6. Jojomon
    December 5, 2016 at 12:19 am

    This deck has gotten me from rank 30 to rank 34 in three/four days. My win rate is probably around 80% with this deck (with a few of adjustments).

    Thanks! Hope it keeps on serving me well 🙂 Wanna get to taco league!

  7. Subzeromkx
    December 1, 2016 at 11:44 pm

    This deck is amazing, I absolutely love it!
    I swapped out one of the berry angry for fertilize because I found it to be more useful. I am currently taco league rank 42 (almost 43) thanks to this deck!

  8. PopCapGames
    December 1, 2016 at 11:54 am

    Would you use cherry bomb in this deck? Why and why not?

    • PopCapGames
      December 2, 2016 at 6:01 am

      Alright I can see your answer above now thanks

  9. Virtigen
    November 29, 2016 at 3:24 am

    if you plant food and esspresso feista the moss XD thats game

  10. Pyg
    November 27, 2016 at 9:59 pm

    How Do You Know Your Win Ratio.

    • Bogdan Borsch
      November 28, 2016 at 10:57 am

      You divide your wins by total games played.

      • Pyg
        November 28, 2016 at 3:05 pm

        where do u see your wins

        • Bogdan Borsch
          November 28, 2016 at 4:39 pm

          Count them somewhere

          • Pyg
            November 28, 2016 at 6:07 pm

            so how is one to say their win rate if its not actually a thing

          • Tswinston
            December 9, 2016 at 5:20 am

            TryHard counted the number of times he used the deck, and the number of wins. (Win:Total Games) with the deck. This is TryHard’s personal average win rate with the deck.

  11. Bogdan Borsch
    November 27, 2016 at 10:29 am

    This deck looks great so far. I won 2 games out of 3. Do you think swapping 2 Banana Rexes for 2 Dandy Lions is good? How necessary is the Rex?

  12. Tompy235
    November 27, 2016 at 6:55 am

    Even though I cannot use this deck, i see MASSIVE potential with it.
    Everyone underrates fir pea, when instead its actually pretty good- a 2 drop for 3 attack is quite a lot.
    Also having bonk choy, black eye pea, and many berry blast help put early game together quite nicely.
    Then the amount of buffs and tricks in this deck do GREATLY help out repeat moss, and Banana Rex in case the moss fails. Poison Ivy for annoying anti-hero offense (i really hate poison ivy when used against me),
    and sour grapes for some clearance. Though i would say to change 2 sizzles into 2 cherry bombs, or take out berry angries and replace them with cherry bomb. Cherry Bomb offers a lot of value if used correctly. Otherwise, this is the BEST repeat moss deck I’ve seen to date and even though this deck runs banana rex, adding in another fertilize and sour grapes should be good replacement. GREAT DECK ;D

  13. PiggyTerry
    November 26, 2016 at 2:23 pm

    Thanks for the in depth guide man


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