Chompzilla’s Heal Deck

This deck focuses on healing the Plant Hero and her Plants on the board. This deck focuses in mid-game.

Pepper M.D gets +2/+2 when your Hero or any of your Plants were healed. Since the deck has a lot of healing methods, it won’t be a problem buffing Pepper M.D up

Venus Flytrap heals your Hero for 2 each time it attacks. With Plant Food to Venus Flytrap, not only it will heal you by 1 health more, but it does a Bonus Attacks, heal you immediately.

Venus Flytraplanet allows any Plant to heal your Hero equal to its Strength. Play Heartichoke in Venus Flytraplanet will do continuous damage until the Zombie Hero blocks or is destroyed.

Heartichoke is perfect in this heal deck. Not only your Hero and/or your Plants got healed, but it also means free damage to the Zombie Hero.

Astro Vera heals you by 10, which is enough to save your Hero’s life. In addition, it also increase your Hero’s max health by 10. If Heartichoke were on the board, it will instantly do 10 damage to the Zombie Hero

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