Chompzilla Tempo Heal

This is a heal deck with Mega Grow Tempo,You get ahead more on the next turn to your a Venus Flytrap Planet and Heartichoke to Astro Vera.

Every Card has a usage of this deck

Clique Peas:A good tempo card,turn 1 2/2,play another one it gets 3/3 and more

Pea Pod:Tempo Card,next turn it can be a 2/2 and a threat of growing

Apple Sauser,3/2 better than fire pea at late game’

Black Eyed Pea:Tough 2/3,it prevent little bit of tricks for opponent

Coffee Grounds:Can be aggressive,but used to cover some enviornments

Lily of the Valley:Help the tempo of turn 3 Venus Flytrap or grow shroom

Pepper M.D:Grows when something is healed,work very well with geyser

Taco:Heal you for a bit,it works well with Heartichoke and pepper M.D

Venus Flytrap,grow this with Lily or Grow Shroom can make massive heals to help your Hero

Heartichoke:Do damage when heal,since there’s lots of healing,this will do lots of damage

Venus Flytrap Planet:Aggressive with Heartichoke,defensive with low health plant hero

Astro Vera:Heal 10 to the damaged 7 turns,Aggressive when Heartichokes are on the field

This deck is a tempo deck but a little bit of a combo deck.Heartichoke Venusflytrap Planet Loop can go so well 


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