Bullseye aggro 90% win rate in depth guide

Before i begin, i just want to say that this is probably the most fun I’ve had with a deck, and, with a high win rate. What really inspired me to make this deck was the aggro bullseye zombie dancing decks that i was always getting wrecked on. Turn about is fair play. So, on to the deck. 

I messed around with different versions, but this is set up that i have used to get from low diamond to taco for the first time. As of December 29th 2017 the current deck is:

Galactic cactus 4

Wall nut 4

Spike weed sector 4

grave buster 4

Juggernut 4

Hibernating berry 3

Plantern 4

Shamrocket 3

Block buster 4

Mirror nut 4

Pecanolith 2


I play on a general curve. Cactus, juggernut, hibernating berry, and plantern/ spike weed/ grave buster. Having early bullseye damage while setting up for the hibernating berry/ cactus combo can get you ahead quick enough leaving your opponent scrambling. 

Turn 1

I like to have at least one of my 1 drops in hand. Remember to play around hearty heroes as they are more than likely to have early removal. If i happen to get a wall nut, I’ll play it defensively blocking what ever they throw down. If i have a cactus, I’ll play it offensively if they play a minion, unless its a con man, then go defensively with the cactus and hopefully I have a shield power to help on turn 2. With bullseye, i almost always go face. 

Turn 2

This is kinda open. If you have another cactus in hand, hold on to it till a later turn. Play juggernut offensive or defensive depending on what’s played or not played, playing around tricks. Wait for them to commit and always go face. Use spike weed if you don’t have a grave buster as they tend to play 2 to 3 health minions, if that’s all you have. Key here is to save you cactus or at least be setting up for the hibernating berry combo this turn. Watch out for the beasty class as they will run a squirrel, as part of their pet decks, on this turn and turn 3, he will disrupt any momentum you have. 

Turn 3

This turn can make or break for the rest of the game. Play around weed spray and squirrels! If you need to play one of your planterns do it. It’ll also set you up to play spike weed sector to grow your plantern to a 4/4 bullseye. You can also play planterns on your opponents environments as well, black hole, total eclipse just back fired on them. So, by now your cactus is probably damaged prompting your opponent to take care of it, and hopefully they commit, while you play a hibernating berry. You want your cactus as far left as you can, triggering your berry to the right for max damage. 

Turn 4

By now, you have a lot of choices. The new set 3 card block buster comes equipped with bullseye, 3/3 stats and you can cover any of your minions that may be hurt, and it had a special ability that will take out any grave stones here and next door, easily taking out the mixed up grave digger. I like having options, and having this can change the course of the game. This turn you also have your mirror nuts if you have any juggernuts or wall nuts on the field, remember, this deck is all about having certain minions on the right and this is one of them. The good thing about mirror nut is you can play it dry and still get great value out of him, just watch out for that block meter. Mirror nut also makes your opponent think twice before using chickening, or a z mech rocket. 

Turn 5

You should have a pretty good field advantage, if you’ve set up your board correctly you should be threatening lethal. If pecanolith isn’t in your hand that’s ok, another mirror nut or block buster or a couple of juggernuts going aggro, this turn will set you up for lethal. 2 mirror nuts on the field with a cactus, splash damage galore as your berry grows. Also by this turn I’m sure you’ll see a guarg or the sports minions are growing out of control, hope you have a shamrocket in hand. If you don’t have shamrockets, you can also run doom shrooms for the fights that tend to run a little bit later than this turn. 

Turn 6+ and ending statement

The last few turns you should be mopping up any minions that have hung around a little too long, or maybe you couldn’t take care of them right away. Hopefully a pecanolith has showed up to take advantage of your opponents low health minions. Your matches shouldn’t go beyond turn 8 or 9, be careful to not run out of steam. Be mindful of your opponents deck type, class, tricks, brains left. The most trouble that I’ve ran into are the sneaky/ crazy and other aggro decks. There is a little bit of a learning curve to this deck, but with enough game play you should be able to know your deck vs your opponent. Thank you for your time and checking out this guide. Any comments, good or bad, please leave it down below.


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