Budget Dance Deck (Ultimate Rank)

This is a fairly inexpensive aggro deck. No legendaries, with Disco-Naut and Aerobics Instructor being the only super-rares. It’s mostly commons and uncommons. It can overwhelm the opponent in 4-5 turns. It carried me to Ultimate rank, and is fun to play. With the prevalence of 1 and 2 cost cards in this deck, you basically go all-in as fast as you can. There is lots of synergy and ways to win, but Flamenco Dancer is the most common method (pay attention to the block meter before dropping him). 

The optimal opening play is to do nothing turn one, then drop Unlife followed by Disco-Naut for two 2/2 fighters with bullseye. They will begin spending their turns trying to stay above water while you steadily drop more zombies. 

Card choices:

Bungee Plumber: This keeps the lanes clear early game to keep Disco-Naut and Unlife alive. Or it can be the final shot to the face. Also has synergy with Evaporate for removal. 

Disco-Naut: Typically you’re going to hit for with smaller zombies in the early game and pop their block meter quickly, unless you can get keep him alive, and then it’s crippling. 

Unlife of the Party: Use this to draw out their removal. They’ll want to kill him as quickly as possible, otherwise it gets ridiculously bulked up with the amount of zombies you’ll be playing.

Aerobics Instructor: Drop this third turn to start beefing up what’s left of your first and second turn drops. Or drop her alone and eventually she will get out of hand. This has great synergy with Synchronized Swimmer.

Conga Zombie: A good spot-remover for 1 damage or can shoot them in the face. A great way to keep mushroom rush Pineclone crap in check. 

Pied Piper: This was Valkyrie for the longest time but Valk just ended up being a way to draw out removal or put pressure on the board. Pied Piper eats through rows of team-up plants, which is also critical vs mushroom junk or Sunflowers. 

Synchronized Swimmer: Probably the best card in the deck. Once Aerobics Instructor has bulked up zombies or when Unlife is big you drop her. She’s also critical due to being an amphibious dancer. She makes a strong argument for keeping Valk in the deck, because two or three 18/6 zombies on the board can be insane, but it happened too rarely to justify. This deck has no long game so fooling around with Valk tricks wasn’t a real winning strategy.

Jester: I never regret drawing or playing him. With 5 life, he can take a few hits from early drops and deal 4-6 damage easily. A great way to eat up their meter, as well.

Cosmic Dancer: Perhaps the second-best card in the deck. I always mulligan him away from the opening hand, but he’s solid, and he has overshoot and conjures zombies with overshoot, which is really nice. 

Flamenco Zombie: This deck wouldn’t win near as much without him. The mid-game, where this deck also thrives, is played around this card. After you crush them with the extremely powerful early game, this came plays clean-up and finishes them off. An amazing common. This card is pure death when teamed up with Disco-Naut.

Pros and Cons:


Early game is nuts. It shuts down Pineclone decks because they never really get to get their mushroom crap rolling because of all the spot removal and number of zombies being played per turn. 

It’s fun. You get to use the All-In mindset, jamming out multiple zombies per turn while you watch them fumble to keep up. It’s exciting when they start dropping Artichokes to chump block Unlife or Disco-Naut and you still have Aerobics Instructors pumping the remaining zombies up per turn. 

It’s unexpected. Just as I could care less when I see Grass Knuckles or Wall Knight because they are too slow vs this deck, they more than likely see Boogaloo and think I’m going to automatically suck. It’s fun to prove them wrong.

It pulls wins out of nowhere. I have so many screenshots of awesome kills. 


No environments. Not that it really matters, but at the same time, if they can get Flytraplanet working correctly, you’re probably not going to win. 

It has almost zero late-game. If they’re allowed to accomplish their combo or whatever it is their deck does post turn six or seven, you may have a hard time winning.

It can have a difficult time with Rose. She can transform your critical zombies. It’s good to draw those tricks out as soon as possible by dropping the super-rares out quickly. Once she’s turned someone into a goat, though, go all-out. 





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