Budget Captain Combustible Aggro Deck (5 Events Cards Only)

For this deck, your main goal is to kill your opponent fast.

Blooming Heart and Poison Mushroom are the turn 1 attackers. Bonk Choy should almost always be used for removal.

On turn 2, you should play Lily of the Valley, Wild Berry, or Coffee Grounds. Sweet Pea is for water lane removal. It should almost always be used to take out zombies such as Toxic Waste Imp.

On turn 3, you should play an Invasive Species on Coffee Grounds for a 5/4 Double Strike plant. Or you can just play Poison Ivy. You can play Grow-Shroom if you need to buff a plant.

Mulligan for: Blooming Heart/Poison Mushroom, Lily of the Valley/Wild Berry, Poison Ivy, Plant Food and/or Coffee Grounds + Invasive Species.

After turn 3, you should finish your opponent off with insane combos. At turn 3, your opponent should be around 10 health. At that time, you most likely have blocked at least once. Use your superpowers (Blazing Bark/Embiggen) to grow a plant. Then, make that buffed plant do a bonus attack (using Plant Food/Time to Shine) to finish your opponent off.

BTW this is my first post. Hope you guys enjoy!

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One thought on “Budget Captain Combustible Aggro Deck (5 Events Cards Only)

  1. Markall48
    January 8, 2018 at 1:24 pm

    As most plants are weak in defense, deck becomes useless against frenzied zombies.


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