BrainStorm – Bull in a China Shop

NOTE: Triplication = Thinking Cap

             Disco-Tron 3000 = Kitchen Sink Zombie


This deck takes advantage of Bullseye with Disco-Naut as all Zombies have 3 or lower attack and does a pretty good job at rushing the field and dealing with minor inconveniences that get in your way for free – no block meter – damage.

Having Quasar Wizard, Thinking Cap, Summoning and Eureka keeps the deck interesting as it adds more random strategies to deal with troublesome match-ups, which helps out the deck as it really doesn’t need a specific combo to win, and at the very least keeps the opponent guessing.

It can be a fast paced deck and overwhelm the opponent in the early stages of the game, and at the same time has the luxury to be calculated and test the waters before diving in.

The few RNG elements added in make the deck, make it’s fun to play as no two matches feel the same.

Also, Kitchen Sink Zombie is just too cool for school!!!

Any Advice is greatly welcome!!!

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