Bouncing, Bouncing, Drawing, Winning (BBDW)

(Triplication – Thinking Cap, Zombot Stomp – Bad Moon Rising)

This is one of the BEST deck I ever made. Also this deck for Super Brainz, but you can try on Huge-Giganticus if you want

This deck contains good old combo – Pogo with Mixed-Up Gravedigger, also with some adding

Replacements :

Dr.Spacetime – Brain Vendor/Imp Commander/Frosty Mustache

Toxic Waste Imp – Fishy Imp

Regifting Zombie – Fun-Ded Raiser

Transformation Station – Medulla Nebulla/Graveyard

Electrician – Lurch For Lunch

Tomb Raiser – Pogo/Brain Vendor/Stealthy Imp

Thinking Cap – Triplication

Bad Moon – Zombot Stomp

How to play :

Place Mini-Ninja on turn 1 if you have any, dont worry if its get destroyed, it can be just punching bag, just for wasting opponent’s tricks.

Place Mini-Ninja, Dr.Spacetime on Heights, to beware other environments

Toxic Waste is for defending water lane, also you can place it against big threats on land/heights

Cryo Brain is very important. You can play it on turn 2 , and then you can play Pogo on next turn. It’s great, isnt it?

Regifting Zombie is very situative. You can overdraw opponent’s hand, to not charge his block meter, but if it use clique pea…….just use it on right moments, ok?

Transformation Station is very good environment itself, but I used it as replacements of other environments. Most important environment – Medulla Nebulla

I didnt use Electrician yet (cuz he didnt show up) , but he’s very good against shrooms, or for double conjure on Dr. Spacetime

Tomb Raiser is just for fun, its such an underrated card, but he have his reasons. I added him cuz he can spawn Binary Stars, which is good

I added Bad Moon just in case , if late game board is bad

Also , here’s good combo for begginers :

Mixed-Up Gravedigger + some zombies + Medulla Nebulla = 3 free brains for tricks, if you have more Medulla Nebulla’s, then you’ll have more brains. Just place all zombies on that environments

Weakness – Clique Pea Decks, Guardian Class

That’s all, enjoy this deck if you want!


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One thought on “Bouncing, Bouncing, Drawing, Winning (BBDW)

  1. Red
    October 9, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    2 Regifters is enough? Your deck will devour cards too fast. Also, here is no protection from mushrooms.


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