Beta-Carrotina deck (Roots OP)

For those who don’t know Beta-Carrotina’s Superpowers  (I know there are some), here they are:

Genetic Amplification:Conjure a 2 cost plant. It gets +1/+1, amphibious, and Team-up.

Ensign Uproot: 2/2     When Played:Move a Plant or Zombie.

Lieutenant Carrotron: 2/1    Team-up     When Played:Conjure a root.

Lightspeed Seeds:Conjure Two Tricks

Now time it is time to talk about this deck:

Everyone has at least heard of a root deck. If you don’t have a good root deck, I made 2 other root decks, Spudow and Wal-Knight  (which I need to update). This deck is no different. 

Here is the card list:


I recommend that you have at least a 2 drop-4 drop. The reason is that Beta-Carrotina’s Superpowers can be use on turn 1, any of them is very useful. Make sure you have at least have a Gravebuster to deal with Graves. If you are against a hearty hero, get rid of Starch-LordWhen you play another Root, that Root gets +1/+1. Start of turn: Conjure a Root. if needed. And get a Health-NutThis attacks using its Health instead of its Attack. incase of Team MascotStart of turn: All Sports Zombies get +1/+1..

Strategy and Tips:


Things to watch out for:

I hope this deck helps you in the long run. If you want to substitute your own cards, you can but it has to have Starch-LordWhen you play another Root, that Root gets +1/+1. Start of turn: Conjure a Root.. Leave some suggestions. I am open to them.

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