Beaned Over and Take It – approx 93% win rate UL

This is the bean deck I have bean dreaming of. I have built and played several different bean decks over the months, and while they were fun to play they didn’t have a great win rate (60%). However, this deck has changed that and is 41-3 currently.

Main Win Condition

Secondary win cons would include:

Reasons for other Cards


Class Match-ups

(more coming soon when I find my notes)


This is very good against Gravestone decks, Pogo is more or less useless with all the “when played” effects and cool bean slows them down dramatically.


Probably the worst match-up since they can reasonably control the field and prevent your damage then bring in some Gaurgantars before you get your DMD


Watch out for frenzy, especially Vimpires


This is a test of who can rush down the other person first. focus on getting your damage in rather than stopping theirs.



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One thought on “Beaned Over and Take It – approx 93% win rate UL

  1. yerpderpington
    July 31, 2017 at 3:25 am

    How do you feel about lily of the valley? I dont have enough moonbeans and find its crazy good, allowing for a double heights buff with admirals teamup, and keeping bep from getting tricked early on.


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