Bean drawer

Mulligan everything that is 3 cost and above. Best case scenario if 3 clique peas and sow magic beans in your starting hand.

Rescue radish is to rescue clique peas and magic beanstalk. Rescue the magic beanstalk instead of clique peas as they will give you a card draw when u play them again.

On turn 2 if you have black eyed peas and sow magic beans, if the opponent is keeping brains for tricks, play the black eyed peas.

For sneaky imp decks, you will need to control the water lane in case of toxic imps. The melon pult also controls the water lane if you place it on the 4th lane. 

For sports zombie decks, kill all the sports zombies before you bounce/kill the mascot imp


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One thought on “Bean drawer

  1. Ido Tsachor
    September 10, 2017 at 11:50 am

    there are too many different cards, try minimizing it


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