Above is stream of Fry Em Up using this deck. Fry Em Up is the creator of this deck and I changed it a bit to my liking. It is an amazing deck and Fry Em Up went 9-1 in Ultimate League with it. (Could’ve gotten 10-0 but misplayed LOL that was funny). Gnar Kelly also used a version of this deck and went 10-0 in Ultimate League (video is above). This deck is very viable in the current meta as it is very fast paced and able to beat almost all matchups. It is also extremely fun to play and can really annoy your opponent.


Mushroom Grotto=Puff-Shroom


How to Win-

Basically in the early in the game you try to put your Admiral Navy Bean or Astroshroom on the Planet of the Grapes to keep doing damage to the zombie hero and drawing tons of cards in the process. If you still need a little extra damage, you can finish off your opponent with Berry Blasts to the face, Sonic Bloom, or Pineclone.


Puffshroom– the only zero cost plant in the game. It is a great addition to this deck 

Astroshroom– puts in ton of bullseye damage due to the swarmy nature of this deck with 30 out of 40 cards costing 2 or less. Always put this on Planet of the Grapes if you have it.

Admiral Navy Bean– another direct damage card in the deck. It is amazing because it is amphibious and team-up so you can team it up with your Astroshroom on PotG or put it in the amphibious lane so it can stay alive longer.

Lima-pleurodon– great stats and an amphibious bean plant that has incredible synergy in the deck. You can play this as a 1-cost to do damage with Admiral Navy Bean and it also combos incredibly with PotG because each time you do direct damage with Admiral or Astro, you can draw a card which activates its dino-roar ability to shuffle a magic beanstalk that is frickin’ OP (1 cost 4/4 that draws you card which triggers dino-roar again). Also great for dealing with early amphibious minions like Toxic Waste Imp

Shroom for Two– great swarm card that can allow Astro to do 2 damage to zombie hero for only one cost. This card also has great synergy with pineclone (turns into two 3/3  plants for only one cost) and sonic bloom (will help you do an extra two damage)

Berry Blast– great control card to destroy your opponents’ minions and also do 3 damage to the zombie hero if necessary

Cosmic Bean– this card is another card that has great synergy with a lot of cards in the deck. It is a bean so it triggers Admiral and also is a team-up so you can use it to protect your other plants. In addition, it conjures another team-up bean that can trigger Admiral again. The conjure also activates Lima-pleurodon’s dino-roar and allows you to shuffle more Magic Beanstalks into your deck.

Sow Magic Beans– this card is another bean card so it can activate Admiral and it shuffles 4 magic beanstalks into your deck and then draws you a card. The card draw alone is worth it and 4 magic beanstalks in your deck (potential 5 if lima is on the board) is amazing.

Planet of the Grapes (PotG)- Play this and then Admiral or Astro on top to start drawing cards like mad. You usually want to play this as early as possible unless the opponent has a large threat on the board. After, put your Admiral or Astro on this environment so that each time you play a minion or bean you can keep doing direct damage to the opponent and draw a card each time with PotG effect. You can then play the card you draw and do more damage and draw more cards. Continue repeating this and you basically win. Always mulligan for this card and a direct damage. Also great to cycle your deck for Magic Beanstalks.

Pineclone– another way to win in this deck if you can’t get your direct damage or PotG. The swarmy nature of this deck and the load of team-up and amphibious minions can allow you to get a lot of value out of this card. Can use to finish of your opponent. Play wisely.

Sonic Bloom– a card you don’t really see but could be viable for this deck. Use it to finish your opponent off with that last bit of damage.

Nightcap Powers– More Spore works well with Astroshroom. Mush-Boom is solid early game control and damage. Storm Front is great for buffing your swarm of minions. Whirlwind as always is pretty bad and luck based.


As I said before, this deck can basically win against any matchup and is incredibly versatile. It is really important to mulligan for at least one direct damage and PotG. Though this deck can win even if you don’t draw PotG, it will make your life a lot harder.

This deck is really fast-paced and usually wins by turn 5 due to how much direct damage it has so it can destroy many slower paced zombie decks.

Against Stompadon, this deck wrecks because Stompadon needs to really wait until turn 5 to really trigger his dino-roars and get large minions on the field. By that time you have already won or just need a little more direct damage so his minions don’t even matter. You will probably win against stompadon 99% of the time.

Against ramp decks like Bad Moon Rising, this deck also usually wins because those ramp decks need to wait until turn 3 to play their nebulas and really start making brains. Against these decks, I would suggest to strike early by swarming and as much direct damage as you can and you will almost always be able to win or at least do significant damage before they can really ramp up. Also, it is really important to get PotG in this matchup because it can replace nebula and give you a huge card advantage that will win you the game. I’d say you have more than a 90% chance of winning.

Against Imps and pirates it can be a little tougher. Against imps, make sure you destroy their Toxic Waste Imp with Berry Blast or Lima ASAP and teamup to prevent deadly from destroying your damage dealers and to outswarm your opponent. Against pirates, don’t focus too much on destroying their pirates but try to do as much damage as you can each turn. Most of the time, you will end up doing more damage each turn. Pineclone can also be amazing in these two matchups. For both matchups, you will many times be neck to neck the entire game but end up winning because you get to do your damage first (they have to wait until the battle phase to do damage but you can directly do all your damage on the plant turn). In these situations, it will be very stressful but as long as you put a little thought into it and calculate your damage well, you have about an 80% chance of winning. 

Because of the amount of card draw, the deck struggles with Conman decks and I would say it is the hardest matchup but it is still possible to win if you play well enough and have a bit of luck. Always destroy their conman ASAP and try to do more direct damage than they do. PotG can save you or destroy you in this matchup. Make sure you play it wisely and don’t allow conman to do too much damage but at the same time get enough cards so you can gain an advantage. Also use your powers at the right moment to destroy his conman. I’d say this matchup is about a 60% win as long as you don’t misplay.

Good luck everyone and have fun with this deck!!!! 🙂

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5 thoughts on “AstroBloom Bean (BEST AGGRO NIGHTCAP DECK!!!!)

  1. gustavo
    January 19, 2018 at 12:41 pm

    nice deck

  2. Markall48
    January 14, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    Quick Draw Conman kills this deck…

  3. Markall48
    January 4, 2018 at 7:31 am

    Falls down against imp decks with deadly.

    • Wolfang888
      January 6, 2018 at 1:31 am

      This deck actually does great against imp decks. You can use your team-up to protect your plants from deadly. Puffshrooms can be amazing to protect your plants and since admiral is a team up, you can just stick stuff in front of it for protection. You can also easily take out their Toxic Waste Imp using berry blast or lima-pleuodon. In addition, you do most of your damage during the plant turn before the deadly imps can destroy your direct damage plants so you can just put down your direct damage and keep attacking their face while drawing back all the cards you played with PotG. You will almost definitely do more damage to them than they are doing to you each turn.

  4. dakotaz
    December 30, 2017 at 8:09 am

    great deck!!!


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