(Anti Meta) And they say on turn 11 there is a feast…

Hello everyone,

I’m hangfire: just your standard ultimate league player/novice deck builder with dreams of one day becoming as good a deck builder as TryHard or Finale. Anyways, made a weird looking deck to counter all the flower decks popping up and I must say it’s exceeded my own expectations so I thought I’d post it.

After the patch the new meta has shifted to form of flower control or flower healing. So I tried to build a deck to capitalize around its weaknesses. First, let’s look at their strengths. The combo that makes flowers so deadly is a combination of strikethrough, healing (powerflower/heartichoke/astrovera) and removal (briar rose) that make trading and attrition very unfavorable for zombies. Therefore it is best to instead to wait for the right moment to unleash a single deadly attack (Garg feast). 

The basic strategy of the deck is as follows. Turns 1-5: Play completely reactively. That means almost only tricks and environments, and don’t play environments unless it’s to replace an enemy environment. You’ll notice that there aren’t that many 1 and 2 drops in this deck because one of the weaknesses of flower decks is that they have no means of rushing you down. Turns 6-10: On a clear board, you may start putting down Gargs so they start focusing suns on destroying Gargs instead of attacking your hero. However you are still primarily playing defensively and stalling. Time is on your side. Turn 11: By this point you should hopefully have drawn a Garg feast (or three). Time to go nuts!

Mulligan: Anything four brains and under really

Bungee Plumber: Really cheap and cost effective removal, and almost always useful. Do not go face with this unless it is for lethal. Remember this is a control deck

Final mission: Another amazing card. I’d like more but there isn’t enough fodder. However, you can almost always use the one in conjunction with dance off, barrel, or gas giant

Eclipse: A cheap environment for replacing other environments or getting that last tick of damage on an annoying plant. Only use to replace other environments or destroy a plant. Part of this control deck is environmental control

Barrel of Deadbeards: I don’t like putting him down unless I have a way of detonating him. Also works great on a spikeweed sector

Alien Ooze: With five environments in this deck you almost always have a 6 point removal

Area 22: Mostly just used for more environment control and to make existing zombies tankier

B-Flat, Chickening, Cakesplosion, Locust Swarm: You know what to do

Super Nova: a great 5, 7 body that absorbs a ton of tricks and damage

Gas Giant: more removal and a good finisher

Nurse Garg: The healing has gotten me through more than a few predicaments

Octo: Creates a ton of pressure, especially when both sides are low on cards. Watch out for rose supers

Garg Feast: The metaphorical cherry of on top of your hard earned cake. Play and watch the concedes start rolling in

Disclaimer this deck gets murdered by dark matter dragon fruit, brainana, onion rings, repeat moss combos, but luckily those are not quite in the meta right now. 

Good Luck and Happy Playing!

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2 thoughts on “(Anti Meta) And they say on turn 11 there is a feast…

  1. Hangfire
    July 19, 2017 at 6:51 am

    Thanks for the feedback, really appreciate your work!

  2. Finale
    July 15, 2017 at 8:11 am

    The first thing I would do would be to balance the 1 and 2s of a deck so it could be totally ready.

    I would remove Octo, Bungee and Cakeplosion for cards like Sync Swimmer, MLaugh and King of the Grill.

    Other than that I think you have caught a weakness of the flowers in your deck.

    Have an Enjoyable Day,


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