Aggro strike through – budget

I would like to start out by saying that the cards listed are not actually the cards that I’m running. It doesn’t give the option for colossal cards. So here is my actual deck:

Kernel pult 4

Banana bomb 4

Apple saucer 4

Berry blast 4

Cosmic flower 2

Cro- magnolia 3

Jack o lantern 2

Poison ivy 4

whack a zombie 4

Zapricot 4

Elderberry 1

Power flower 4

I am a free to play, plants player. These are the all the cards that i have for solar flare. I wanted to create an aggro deck with what i had, so here it is. I try to start with at least one 1 cost card during mulligan. Having that early game control right out the gate can make or break you by turn 5. If your opponent passes their turn, and you have a poison ivy in your hand, save your 1 cost cards and play your poison ivy in any lane and blast out your enemy of they are in your way. 5 damage can sway a match pretty easy. I try to hold my apple saucer till 6 to get the strike through value but if i can’t and have to block, then so be it. Other cards you could use, and one in particular that i would recommend is the fireweed. A 2 cost 3/3 that also creates an environment can be so clutch early and mid game, such a solid card. Another early game card that can help is the haunted pumpking. A 1 cost 4/2 is pretty awesome against armored, mascots, body builders, 4 armed con man, etc. Even though it give your opponent a card, it still holds its value pretty high in regards to damage and sun cost. If you find yourself going late game, you might want to consider astrocado (i know it’s not really budget, but if you got it, use it)  and/or the poison oak. I don’t have either, but if i did, i would probably run the poison oak. A 4/5 is nothing to laugh at, and in an open lane, a 9/5! You’re opponent will definitely go after that, while leaving you an opening to play a grew smaller cards while they are distracted. i find that if i can get that 5 damage strike though with elderberry, and it can cover up a damaged card, to stop it from getting the pesky evaporate power, while it being a 4 cost, that’s really beneficial. I feel the same about cro- magnolia. A 3 sun cost and it buffs +2 strength to each plant around it while covering your smaller, damaged cards has been a game changer and won me quite a few matches. Eventually, I’m going to trade out my power flowers for elderberries, and my jack o lanterns for fireweeds. As for the kernel pults, you can change them out for the blooming hearts. 1 cost 2/2 that gets +1 when it does damage can be helpful in your early game. If you want to use the haunted pumpking, i would suggest taking out the whack a zombie mallets. With the cards that i have, I’ve been able to have pretty consistent wins, around 75%. Conservatively. Thank you for your time if you’ve read through this. Please comment, positive or negative, i thank you for your time. 


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3 thoughts on “Aggro strike through – budget

  1. DojokittyzYT
    November 14, 2017 at 11:30 pm

    Cool deck

  2. Bipolargods
    November 14, 2017 at 3:28 pm

    This deck can be played a couple of different ways defensively and counter attack, or go yolo and straight to their face. Either way, the face is the place

  3. Wendy
    November 14, 2017 at 3:20 pm

    Sweet! Looks amaze balls! I wouldn’t and couldn’t play that deck!


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