Aggro Dancing Z-Mech

Ways to play this deck:

1. Use Disco-naut to do bullseye damage to the plant hero with cards such as Cosmic dancer and all the overshoot cards it conjures, and then do double bullseye damage to the plant hero using Binary stars.

2. Have 3 Dancing zombies (1 Disco naut required) and make them survive with Camel crossing or Escape through time. Then as soon as you can, use either Flamenco to deal bullseye damage to the plant hero, or Binary stars to deal double bullseye (possibly overshoot) damage to the plant hero. If you can, combine Disco-naut with Binary stars and another dancing zombie. Then play Flamenco to deal 16 bullseye damage to the plant hero. This is usually lethal.

3. Have Valkyrie(s) in your hand. Then let your cards die until your Valkyrie(s) have 10 damage. Then play it with Binary stars to do 20 damage to the plant hero. If you have more Valkyrie(s) in your hand with 10 attack, play them as quickly as possible while Binary stars is still alive to put more pressure on the plant hero.

Those are the main ways that I play this deck, but there are more ways to do it. I hope you find this deck to be useful and maybe delivering justice to Z-Mech

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