Aggro Budget

Hello, I am Itsfriends19. And this is a budget deck almost anyone can build.

   First of all you are going to need the hero of course which you can get by opening packs or buying him with 750 gems. Just go to Collection,  tap the hero you want and tap buy hero pack.

   Your job is to win ASAP (As fast as possible) before your opponent builds a massive board and crushes you. I am going to tell you about what every card is used for.


   On your starting hand you will want to have Bonk Choy  if your opponent is a Sneaky or Hearty since they use one drops such as Tombstone Carver and Arm Wrestler. For Crazy and Brainy you will want to have Poison Shroom. This will probably make them waste their Plumbers. If your opponent has Rolling Stone, Poison Shroom will be undistructable.Try to avoid having a lot of expensive cards such as Repeat Moss and Plant food.Try strategies like turn 2 Wild Berry and turn 3 fertilize for a 7/4.


   I already explained about then 2 one drops in the deck so lets proceed.


   This cheap removal is so powerful that will remove almost any 2 drop they are going to play. This can also hit your opponent’s face. If you need 3 damage for lethal and you top deck this, your opponent will be absolutely furious and will probably break his phone or tablet.


   This card takes out 3 health zombies and is immune to Weed spray or Rolling stone.


   This card is always used for offense but there are rare situations which this can be used to take out a zombies if RNG is on your side.


   There are a lot of combos to do with this but the best use is to combine with Repeat moss.


  Same use with Fertilize.


   One of your main damage dealers.Better used with Plant food or Time to Shine.


   You can use this to do bonus attacks to any aggro plant with 3 or more attack.


   Your main win-condition in this deck. Combine this with any trick that buffs and you will do hundreds of damage. Read further for combos.


   This plant packs a punch but the main use of this isto move zombies that block the high attack plants. Using this card, you can deal more damage!


   This is a card that is less aggro but this is in the deck because when your opponent realises you are playing aggro they will more likely block every lane. If your opponent is playing Zoo you can do a board clear.


   This is more used as a finisher but the 6/6 stats help you take over the board.


   You will most likely have every card but if you want you can remove some Poison mushrooms or Bonk Choys and add Blooming hearts. If you want you can add 1 or 2 Black Eyed Peas to make the deck more Proffesor Brainstorm proof.


   I am going to start from the cheap combos. Keep in mind that all calculations are if the board is empty. Damage might not be the same in a real battle.



Wild Berry + Time to Shine = 8 Damage

Fire pea + Embiggen = 5 Damage

And more…


Poison shroom + Fertilize = 6 Damage

Poison Ivy + Blazing Bark = 9 Damage

And more…


Repeat moss + ANY superpower = 2,4 or 6 Damage

Fire Pea + Fertilize = 6 Damage

And more…


3 Cards

Repeat moss + Blazing Bark + Time to Shine (2 attacks) = 18 Damage

Repeat Moss + Blazing Bark + Embiggen = 14 Damage


So that is it guys. Keep in mind that i am a Rank 30 player but i know a lot of things. Let me know if this deck needs and improvments!

Add me: Itsfriends19

Email: [email protected]

Goodbye, have fun and PEACE!


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2 thoughts on “Aggro Budget

  1. Finale
    May 15, 2017 at 4:37 pm

    A nice little F2P deck, I don’t think you should use Poison Ivy though.

    • Itsfriends19
      May 16, 2017 at 4:37 am

      I personally believe that Ivy is preety inportant since you can buff it and your opponent might run out of brains


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