New Event Cards Added to the Database (Lily of the Valley, Snake Grass, Hippity Hop Gargantuar

Sorry about the delay, but these cards have been added to the database. Thank you to the people who e-mailed me!

New Game Feature: Watch Ads Get Free Gems!

If you are strapped for Gems, PvZ: Heroes has added a way for you to gather some by watching advertisements. It appears you can watch three ads in total which will net you ten gems for each ad watched (30 in total). Once the third ad is watched it will lock your ability to view anymore for an undetermined amount of time (I’ll update this with the exact refresh time). Most guesses are around a day, but I haven’t been able to confirm it yet. To take advantage of this, check out the small gem icon on the top right side of your screen!

List of New Cards From the Events System & Feastivus Bundle

Here’s a list of the new cards that were added in the Events System update. You can unlock Jolly Holly via the Feastivus Bundle. Also, you can now craft cards from the Halloween event which were Jack O' LanternStrikethrough When this hurts the Zombie Hero, it gets +1 Strength. and Trick or TreaterWhen you play your first Trick each turn, ConjureTreat. for 1,000 Sparks each.

All of these cards are now in the PvZ Heroes: Deck Builder! Go and make some sweet decks.

Energy Drink Zombie
Jolly Holly
Feastivus Bundle

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New Event System Added to PvZ: Heroes – Earn Tickets to Unlock Cards!

A new event system has been added to Plants vs. Zombies: Heroes! You can now earn tickets that will unlock a new weekly card. You can earn tickets by playing and winning games, once you’ve earned enough tickets you will unlock the card. Learn more about the new Event system by reading the official announcement below!

Unlock cards to grow your decks with Weekly Events, the best way to celebrate Feastivus!

We have a gift for you this Feastivus, PvZ fans! We’ve just introduced an all-new Weekly Event system into Plants vs. Zombies Heroes. Now there’s even more ways to expand your collection and grow your decks.

Earn Tickets to Unlock Cards

Every week, a new card will be available to unlock, which you can view by accessing the Weekly Event screen. To earn the card, you just need to play and win games. You’ll earn Tickets for each game you win, and once you’ve earned enough Tickets, the card is yours. This can be repeated four times every week, so you’ll be able to get four copies of the card to use in your decks.

You earn Tickets based on the game mode that you’re playing:

  • Single-Player Win: 10 Tickets
  • Multiplayer: 15 Tickets

If you aren’t able to get all of the Tickets you need in a given week, you’ll also have the option to unlock them with Gems. Your progress still matters, and the number of Gems required will be reduced based on the number of Tickets you’ve earned.

Boost your Tickets

Ticket Boosts are a great way to earn even more Tickets when you win a game. Your Boost fills every 4 hours. To activate that Boost, you’ll need to win a game with a Hero that leads at least one of the classes featured that week. (Every week, two Plant Classes and two Zombie Classes will be selected to trigger bonus Tickets.) Win games with the Plant or Zombie Heroes that lead those Classes and you’ll see your Ticket winnings multiply in a big way!

As seen above, the Kabloom and Mega-Grow Classes are featured on the Plant side, while the Brainy and Beastly Classes are chosen for the Zombie side. Let’s use the Plants for this example.

If you win a game with Wall-Knight, who leads the Guardian and Solar Classes, you’ll earn 15 tickets in a multiplayer game like normal, since neither Guardian or Solar are listed as options. However, if you win a multiplayer game with Solar Flare, who leads Solar and Kabloom, you’ll earn 75 tickets. That’s because Kabloom cards are one of the chosen Classes for the week.

If you want a massive boost in your Ticket wins, play Captain Combustible. This fiery Plant leads both Mega-Grow and Kabloom cards, making him a perfect match for the week. With a Captain Combustible multiplayer win, you’ll earn 150 tickets!

Event Tips

  • You can save up only one Ticket Boost at a time, so play frequently so you don’t waste them.
  • When your Boost is ready, be sure to play a Hero that matches the two available Plant or Zombie Classes to get 10x tickets for every win.
  • Keep decks for all of your Heroes up to date, so you’ll always be ready to take them into battle.
  • Your progress matters. Even if you can’t earn enough Tickets before the Weekly Event ends, you can pick up the card for a Gem amount that’s reduced based on the progress you’ve made.

New Feastivus Packs and Cards

It’s the most bitiest time of the year! Along with Weekly Events comes our Feastivus celebration. That means there’s a brand new card that you’ll find in the Feastivus Bundle and Feastivus Mega Bundle.

  • Jolly Holly
    • Smarty Class
    • Amphibious
    • When played: Freeze Zombies next door

The Feastivus Bundle comes with a Jolly Holly, a Valkyrie, a Winter Squash, and 15 additional cards. The Feastivus Mega Bundle contains four Feastivus Bundles, and a bonus Kernel Corn.