Mayflower Pack Now Available – Mayflower, Twin Sunflower, and Sow Magic Beans Guaranteed

The Mayflower Pack is now available for those wanting to grab the new card: MayflowerAmphibious When this hurts the Zombie Hero, Conjure a Corn, Squash, or Bean.. The pack also guarantees Twin SunflowerTeam-Up Start of Turn: You get +2 Sun. and Sow Magic BeansShuffle four Magic Beanstalks into your deck. Draw a card.. Unlike the Food Fight Bundle, you can purchase this pack with Gems!


It’s much better to grab the 4 packs for 1,200 Gems if you plan on needing 4 Mayflower cards, because it will save you 400 Gems.

The Mayflower packs may contain the following Uncommon cards:



Food Fight Bundle & Two New Cards – Mayflower & Turkey Rider

The new Food Fight Bundle has been added to the game and along with it comes one of two new cards: Turkey Rider.


To get Turkey Rider you’ll need to purchase the Food Fight Bundle.


Mayflower, the new Plant card, is in the game but is unavailable currently. It would stand to reason that once the Food Fight Bundle expires there will be another bundle containing Mayflower.