Trick or Treater

Cost: 3 - Strength: 2 - Health: 3

When you play your first Trick each turn, add a random Treat to your hand.

Trick or treat? He is haunted by that question - and by an answer that continues to elude him.

One thought on “Trick or Treater

  1. Weenie Beanie OP
    April 7, 2017 at 8:42 am

    Worst Event card ever. You spend 3 brains to get a 2/3 without tribe synergy. It doesn’t even have Gravestone so that you can play it on turn 4 with a 1-brain trick! This sucks because everyone and their waifu uses Berry Blast and Hot Date, this means that 3 HP zombies are way worse than 2/3 plants. Even Yeti, another card that gives tricks, is better because it has better stats and immediately gives a trick. And the tricks you get from this card are bad: for 2 brains, you give a zombie +2 attack or +2 health! That is not good because Yeti Lunchbox, which provides +1/+1, is essentially the same total stat boost for 1 Brain! This card is so bad, Mad Chemist (another bad card) becomes worse because of this man’s stupid treats!


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