Cost: 1 - Health: 1


Start of Turn: You get +1 Sun this turn.

"Not to brag, but I'm pretty much your basic franchise-founding superstar."

One thought on “Sunflower

  1. Weenie Beanie OP
    April 12, 2017 at 8:55 pm

    Not to brag, but you need 3 HP or else you are not viable. I know Gargologist has 3 HP and gives earlier Gargantuars, but since its a 3 HP Zombie it dies easily. So if Gargologist dies easily and offers a big cost reduction of -2 brains for all Gargantuars (high risk high reward), something that gives only +1 sun should at least be durable. I know +1 sun can make a huge difference at times, but compared to Gargologist’s ramping, Sunflower’s ramping is more lenient on the enemy’s tricks. Why? Right now, there are no Plants that make Zombie tricks cost more brains, and by itself, this cannot ramp up your sun fast enough to constantly allow an early Brainana. With Gargologist, you play it on Turn 3 with a trick (Teleport is the best one for it), and then if it survives turn 4, you plop down Defensive End to discourage trickery. 3 HP Sunflower or bust, and same goes for 4 HP Twin Sunflower.


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