2 thoughts on “Sow Magic Beans

  1. Weenie Beanie
    July 13, 2017 at 10:45 pm

    Edit: Ever since it could draw a card, it is less likely to waste the turn and allow the Zombies to make crazy plays on the next turn. This card is now usable, ignore my previous comment but don’t ignore the differences to other cards that shuffle Tokens into your deck.

  2. Weenie Beanie OP
    April 14, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Outclassed by Leprechaun Imp, it gives up a 2/2 minion with tribe synergy and 2 cards overall for 4 4/4 beans that draw a card and cost 1 sun. Leprechaun’s 1 brain cost means you can shuffle Pots of Gold into the deck right away. You can’t do that with Sow Magic Beans, a 2-drop. There are only 2 pots of gold that draw 3 cards each for 1 brain, but Brainy’s card draw lets you reach them faster. Smarty has less card draw than Brainy, so it takes much longer to play a Beanstalk and draw a card. It is also harder to chain Beanstalks than Pots of Gold. Beanstalks are excellent draws from Mayflower, but this card will not see as much use as Leprechaun. Green Shadow has Flourish, which makes Beanstalks more likely, but other heroes like Citron and Rose can only cycle out cards like Peel Shield and Taco. If Mayflower spawns this, I believe it adds one to your deck instead of drawing one.


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