Leprechaun Imp

Cost: 1 - Strength: 2 - Health: 2

When played: Shuffle two Pots of Gold (1 Brain, Draw three cards.) into your deck.

When he offers to grant you a wish, do not wish for infinite wishes. It just doesn't work like that.

2 thoughts on “Leprechaun Imp

  1. Weenie Beanie OP
    April 8, 2017 at 11:46 pm

    It is better, I agree. For 1 Brain, you get a 2/2 Imp that dies easily but can trade with a few early-game plants. Pot of Gold is much better than Fun Dead Raiser, although do keep in mind that with Brainy’s card draw, you can increase your chances of reaching a shuffled Pot of Gold. When 1 Pot is used, you are more likely to get the other. So if you are lucky, you essentially spend 3 Brains to draw 6 cards over the course of the game. Those Pots are also helpful if you run out of ammo in the late-game, because giving up a measly brain for a deadly bundle of cards is more than worth it. Overall, Leprechaun Imp is better than Fun Dead Raiser, but it does not make the latter obsolete.

  2. Jrayhiman
    March 13, 2017 at 5:13 am

    I feel like this card makes “Fun Dead Raiser” totally obselite.


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