One thought on “Evaporate

  1. Jimcooley
    November 27, 2016 at 7:16 am

    The most important part of this card is that it cycles itself.

    Evaporate is an interesting removal card which can be somewhat difficult to play- it’s easiest use is to take care of Strikethrough plants (including the statistically sweetspotted Power Flower, who’s stat distribution dodges the following removal: Rocket Science, The Chickening, Weed Spray, Bungee Plumber, Cakesplosion, Nibble, Rolling Stone, Cut Down To Size, Zombot’s Wrath, Electro Bolt, and Stayin’ Alive. God what an irritatingly good Plant.) that were fronted by a zombie- they get damaged, Strikethrough and proc your superblock, and then you finish them off with Evaporate.

    Direct damage from Crazy Type cards are your best bet as well- This and Bungee Plumber is a good and cheap one-two punch for an (almost) unconditional removal. Still has a net cost of one card, since Evaporate recycles itself.

    DOES NOT WORK with -x/-x though- so for instance, a plant that has been Nibble’d is not a valid target.


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